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Response Ability #5: Expression

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Often when the wind blows across the land, they carry with them seeds.  What is a seed? A seed is nothing more than an intention.  Look inside an acorn.  Do you find a little oak tree?  No.  What you find within an acorn is dust.  Yet, within that dust is the information and intention that, if in the right conditions, will produce the mighty oak.  In other words, what separates an acorn from a stone, is that the acorn has the ability to express physically a non-physical, or intelligent  intention.

In any body, organization, or situation, the ability to express physically a mental or emotional intention is necessary for it to be considered healthy.

If we look at the previous four Response Abilities, they are, in most cases, unconscious responses.  The processes of perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution are in most cases automatic, subconscious processes of which most people are unaware.  By making a conscious effort to improve our health and increase our awareness through the exercises and tools I will share in the next three chapters, we can become more perceptive to the subtle and sublime, becoming more aware of, and even participatory, in these four Response Abilities.

The fifth Response Ability of expression is a more conscious process by which we express physically a mental intention.  The simplest example of this would be to wiggle your finger.  You create the desire in your mind to move your finger, you transform that desire into an intention, and you physically move your finger.  Other examples would be to run from danger, eat food when hungry, and pursue your inner urge to find a mate.

Once we embark upon this Clear Path to Healing, we may begin to experience the increased awareness of more subtle perceptions, and begin to control and manifest previously, otherwise unconscious activities.  As we learn, grow, and evolve through our life experience, we begin to act with conscious intention, rather than allowing ourselves to work on autopilot and unconscious direction.  For a simple example, we could allow ourselves to reach extreme levels of thirst, ingesting water only once our primal instinct kicks in and, in the behavior of a wild beast, run for the nearest stream or puddle and lap visciously at the succulent liquid.  Or, we may consciously decide to regularly drink 8 glasses of water each day, whether we are thirsty or not.  We could wait till we experience heart disease or diabetes before we give up our hot dogs, French fries and cigarettes, or we can choose to eat more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis now, preventing the crisis from occurring.

On a more subtle level, people have been known to slow their heart rate, control organ function, and adjust their own biochemistry through focused biofeedback and intense periods of meditation.  Whereas this ability has a wide range of possibilities, in order for us to achieve our optimum healing potential, this ability must be working at its optimum.  In order for us to act in such a manner as to maintain our health and achieve higher levels of healing and wellness, we must be capable of acting physically upon a mental intention.  If we do not, we move nowhere in life, existing merely as dreamers.   If we instead take our dreams and act upon them, we can experience Heaven on Earth and begin to create our own Garden of Eden, as we live and breath on this planet…in this lifetime.

We will explore the next Response Ability, Harmonious Interaction, in the next entry.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry



Author: drbarry920

Dr. Barry S. Weinberg is a chiropractor and author of the best-selling books, A Clear Path to Healing and To Face a Dragon. He is the chief physician and founder of A Place for Healing…a family chiropractic wellness center founded in 1994 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In May of 2009, Dr. Barry partnered with the Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors, FL. Dr. Barry is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. Among his musical accomplishments, he is most noted for composing the score for the documentary film, Florida Crackers. Dr. Barry is committed to bringer greater health, wellness and awareness to the community through education, Network Spinal Analysis and community service.

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