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Symptoms as Your Healer

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Symptoms as Your Healer

Throughout our life, we are taught that if we experience any form of symptom, ailment, or dis-ease, that we are “sick,” and we must do whatever we can to stop these symptoms.

What we are not taught is that all symptoms are natural and intelligent functions of the body to heal.

For example, fever kills bacteria and viruses…vomiting and diarrhea eliminates toxins…pain alerts us to a part of our body that needs attention.

To shut down these natural healing functions via medication or therapies actually interferes with the healing process. According the AMA, the average flu with medication lasts 7 to 10 days, whereas the average flu without medication lasts 1 to 3 days. Why? The healing mechanism of symptoms are not interfered with.

From now on, when you experience any sort of discomfort, symptom, or pain, instead of running to the medicine cabinet to stop the symptoms, ask yourself the question: “What is my body trying to accomplish or communicate to me…and what can I do to support it.”

With this small change in the way you think about illness, you will begin to experience the innate healing power within yourself.

Making Friends with Your Symptoms


All Symptoms are accomplishing one of two things…or both



But.,,what do I do with:

1. PAIN – A part of your body is asking for your attention


· Stop and focus all attention into the hurt part

    • Give it NEUTRAL attention,
      Meaning…you’re not trying to get rid of the pain
    • Just give it attention and FEEL it
    • Do not resist it…what you resists, persists.
    •  Take nice, deep breaths
  •  The pain will begin to lessen, if the attention is NEUTRAL
  •  The body has received the attention it was asking for.

Also…make the change its asking for.   i.e…if there’s a nail in your foot…pull it out!
2. FEVER – The body is ridding itself of viruses, bacteria or toxins.

  • · Rest
  • · Drink water
  • · Give yourself NEUTRAL attention
  • · Let the fever do the work.

3. VOMITING/ DIARRHEA – The body is ridding itself of viruses, bacteria or toxins.

· —Only one thing to do…let it happen!

To take medicines to stop the symptoms, is to interfere with the body’s healing process.
Avoid this practice and align with the body and allow it to do what it does best…HEAL!

Author: drbarry920

Dr. Barry S. Weinberg is a chiropractor and author of the best-selling books, A Clear Path to Healing and To Face a Dragon. He is the chief physician and founder of A Place for Healing…a family chiropractic wellness center founded in 1994 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In May of 2009, Dr. Barry partnered with the Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors, FL. Dr. Barry is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. Among his musical accomplishments, he is most noted for composing the score for the documentary film, Florida Crackers. Dr. Barry is committed to bringer greater health, wellness and awareness to the community through education, Network Spinal Analysis and community service.

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