A Place for Healing

Healing Bodies….Empowering Lives

About A Place for Healing

About A Place For Healing

 A Place for Healing  is unlike any doctor’s office you’ve ever been to. With its home-like atmosphere and friendly, loving staff, you are provided with a warm, nurturing environment to heal old wounds, recover from past traumas, and reach your optimum health potential.

 At A Place for Healing, we emphasize that all health and healing comes from within the individual. Understanding that the human body is an intelligent, self-healing, living being, rather than treating the disease, we treat the person through health-promoting strategies such as Chiropractic, Reorganizational Healing, Network Spinal Analysis, and Somato Respiratory Integration .


What Makes our Office Different?

According to a Recent Patient Survey

• Flexible and Convenient Office Hours

• Relaxing, Comfortable Healing Environment

• A Caring, Patient Doctor who Listens

• Everything is Thoroughly Explained

• Affordable Payment Plans

• Health Care with a Personal Touch

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