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Top 3 Questions asked about Network Spinal Analysis

1)     How is Network different from “Regular” chiropractic?

Network Spinal Analysis is the evolution of chiropractic.  It is the most advanced, most effective, and most efficient chiropractic protocol available today.  Before we differentiate between Network and other methods of chiropractic, let us first define “Chiropractic.”

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health which states that the body is innately intelligent and self-healing.

Chiropractic is a science which states that the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates all body functions and healing. The brain sends life supporting information through the spinal cord and nerves to all the cells, tissues and organs of the body.  Adverse tension and pressure in the nervous system, referred to as “vertebral subluxations,” interferes with the flow of this information resulting in dysfunction in the cells and tissues of the body, eventually leading to dis-ease and death.

Chiropractic is an art which analyzes the spine for the presence of adverse tension and pressure in the nervous system and through a variety of methods, corrects it.

The majority of chiropractic techniques that are currently available proclaim that the tension and interference referred to above is caused by a misaligned bone in the spine, called a vertebra.  Using  direct forces to the spine to put that bone “back in place,” it will remove the interference, restoring health.  This is “regular” chiropractic.

Network Spinal Analysis states that the misaligned bone is caused  by the underlying adverse tension in the nerve tissue, muscles and joints.  By repositioning the misaligned bone, without first removing the tension, you will be “fighting” the body.  Network therefore uses very gentle touches on very specific areas of the spine to bring the areas of adverse tension to a state of ease.  By using just the right amount of force, it allows the body to respond, rather than react.

Through this process, the brain and body actually learns strategies to be more self-aware, self-regulating and self-correcting.  By bringing the attention of the conscious mind to the areas of tension, and developing strategies of breath and movement, the nervous system is “entrained” to handle stress better, be more self-correcting and have an enhanced experience of life.

Rather than receiving “treatments” of a therapeutic nature from a “fix-it” doctor, you are receiving “entrainment lessons” from a healing teacher – the true definition of  “doctor.”

2)      How can such a light touch do anything?

                  In life, when you are in the right place, at the right time, applying the right amount of force, with the right intent, magic happens.  Whether in relationships, business or healing, in order for there to be optimum results, these four factors must be in alignment.

In Network Chiropractic, we apply this principle.  If you are on the wrong place on the spine, at the wrong time, with too much or too little force, with the wrong intent, the body will react.  However, if you are on the exact right spot on the exact right vertebra, at just the right time, matching the force of the body, in the right direction with the right intent – the body responds…and it does so, beautifully.

What do I mean by “matching the force of the body?”  Have you ever shook someone’s hand and it was like a limp fish?  Or you shook their hand and you felt like they wanted to squeeze the bones out of your fingertips.  This is not matching the force.  When two people have a good handshake, they match the force…they have rapport and it feels good.

The Network Protocol is a very specific spinal analysis which determines that exact right place on the spine to contact in a distinct sequence so that we are always doing it at the right time.  This “right place” is called the “spinal gateway” and it is an area of free energy in the spine from which the spinal tension is being generated, usually found in the neck or sacrum. A force is then applied by matching the force that the body is pushing back when you touch it.  We “shake its hand” with rapport.

How does such a gentle touch knock down 2 Million dominoes with such a gentle touch?  By lining them up in a certain sequence, it only takes a gentle touch.

By applying this gentle, quick force to this specific area of the spine, in the right sequence, the brain is made aware of the adverse tension and through movement and breath the body begins to innately work to integrate the free energy in the “spinal gateway” to free up the bound up energy that is being store in the muscles, joints, or nerve tissue.

The light touch actually doesn’t “do anything,” but bring the attention of the cognitive brain to an area it was previously disassociated from, and the body does the rest. Wow!   This is the right intent.  To make the person more aware of where and when the body holds tension and help them to develop strategies to be more self-regulating of this tension.

3)      Can chiropractic help someone with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, MS, etc., etc., etc.?

                                The answer to this questions is Yes…and no.  If you mean, “Can Chiropractic ‘cure’ these ailments?” Then the answer is no.  If instead you mean, “Can chiropractic assist someone to heal from these conditions?”  Then the answer is an emphatic yes.

It is known today that the human body is capable of healing any disease or condition.  It is important to understand that every disease known to medical science is caused by one of two things:  1) The body and mind’s inability to adapt and respond appropriately to a physical trauma, emotional stress, or chemical toxicity;  and/or 2)  The body and mind’s inability to recover from an adaptation or response to a physical trauma, emotional stress, or chemical toxicity.

                Network chiropractic not only assists people to recover from past traumas and stresses, but research shows that when an individual is under Network care they have a stronger immune system, quicker recovery time from injury and illness, and greater ability to handle stress.

However, even if chiropractic did not change these conditions, if that individual had tension and interference in the spinal cord and nerves, do you think they would be better off with the tension and interference or without?  Obviously, you will answer, “Without.”  Therefore, the person will be helped and have an improved quality of life while in Network Care, regardless if the disease or ailment is “cured.”  While the disease may not be helped, the person will be.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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Signal for Change

If you are driving with a destination in mind, is your focus in the rear view mirror?

Are you moving away from something or are you moving toward something?

Are you focused on where you were or where you are going?

If you touch a hot stove, it’s supposed to hurt

If you are living a life that is not up to the standard of who you are – if you are living someone else’s life, if you are living off purpose…it’s supposed to hurt and nothing is supposed to take away that pain until you change the path you are on.

If you are not feeling the pain, when you take the behaviors and thoughts that are not in your highest and best, you will begin to feel ok with living a life that is beneath you.  You will begin to lower your standards.

What if your disease, pain, symptom was the cure?

If you take your hand off of the hot stove, it will stop hurting

When you begin living your life to your highest standards, it will stop hurting.

Are you asking the questions, “How far can I get from what I do not want to feel?”

Or are you asking the question, “How can I develop new resources to create an ideal experience of life I have never experienced before?”

No matter what happened in your past, starting now, we are moving in a new direction.

No matter what you came in with, starting now, we are looking to the future, not the past.

The only reason you should look in the rearview mirror is to celebrate how far you’ve gotten from there

What’s behind you will not help you

Your past is not there and your future is not either, but by taking a different path, you definitely won’t meet the past…and definitely meet a different future than the path you are currently on.

Rather than asking, “How can I make it go away?”

Let’s ask:

“What can I focus on differently….what new actions can I take….what structures in my life can I change, to create the life I would prefer?”

Let’s ask a different question.

Let’s choose a different path.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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The Healing Process of the Heart #7: Awe

“I am so lucky to have been given this life to live, and this world to live in, and for this I am eternally grateful.”  What other thought is there to think, when you are living in awe.  In awe of your world.  In awe of others.  And most important, in awe of yourself.  At this point in your healing process, there is nothing you can not be, do, or have.  You are the creator of your own creation and of this you are in a constant state of wonder and respect.  You may still experience occasional challenges, sickness, and perhaps fear, yet one thing never enters your experience again:  suffering.

Through your own process of healing, growth, and evolution, you have come to learn and understand that all things are on purpose and everything is of your own creation, based upon your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

In my practice, A Place for Healing, I utilize a gentle form of chiropractic care called Network Spinal Analysis.  In this work, we use as little force and input necessary to elicit the greatest ease and healing response by the recipient.  Using this gentle approach, people have tremendous healing experiences.  I have seen people rid themselves of not only pains and discomforts, but allergies, asthma, hypertension, attention deficit disorder, poor eyesight, poor hearing, depression, anxiety, and even AIDS and cancer.  And the list goes on and on.

Getting such tremendous changes in their level of health and quality of life, often people will ask me, “How did I get such great results when you barely touched me?”

I’ll ask them, “Are you surprised?”

They’ll usually reply, “Yes.  I am surprised.  You barely touched me.”

I’ll tell them, “The power of healing is already in you.  It only needs to be reminded.  This does not require great force for it is already waiting to be released.”

They usually respond, “That is amazing.”

At this point, I will tell them, “You know, I too am always amazed…but I am never surprised.”

When you have reached the process of the heart of Awe, every moment of every day is lived with such an attitude. Everything you see, hear, and touch around you fills you with wonder and amazement, yet you are never surprised at what you experience.  Because of your awareness and understanding of how the universe operates and how you and everyone else is an integral part of it, your heart soars with what can only be called glee.

It is at this stage, that nothing is hidden from you and there is nothing that can’t be accomplished and can’t be overcome.  Your life is a continual process of healing creating perpetual growth, learning, and evolution.  You have walked the Clear Path to Healing, and it as this moment that you finally recognize it for what it truly is:  clear…easy….effortless.  And because of this, you look at the world in awe, just as I looked at Cathy, as she walk into the room…amazed…but never surprised.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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The Healing Process of the Heart #6: Atonement

It has been said that forgiveness is the greatest healer.  Whether we forgive ourselves for some past action or word we have regretted, or we forgive another for something they may have done to us to cause us anger or grief, it has been said that the process of forgiveness allows one to let go of that which may have caused us hardship and move on to bigger and better things.

Whereas the process of forgiveness can be very healing and create a new sense of peace and calm within, it requires an inclination towards blame.  In order for us to forgive, it first requires that we make someone the culprit of which we have been made a victim, whether that culprit be ourselves or another.  In short, we are made a victim to the actions or words of some evildoer that has caused us grief.  For a while we resent them, feeling anger, guilt, or sorrow.  We may hold onto this event for years, until one day we no longer feel so angry or guilty and we forgive them.  We offer them reprieve and as the good judge we release them from their sin.

Although the process of forgiveness often can provide healing, it requires periods of emotion, belief, and mental activity that may interfere with health.  The challenge of forgiveness itself often causes great deals of stress and can sometimes create increased trouble in relationships.  Although I do not disregard the value of forgiveness, I feel there is a process that accomplishes so much more, without the detriment to our well-being.  This is the process of Atonement, or At-One-Ment.

Atonement or At-One-Ment is the process by which you realize that we all experience challenges in life.  Each of us lives each day with the same struggles and adversity that this physical existence offers.  We have all been a child.  We have all been through school.  We have all interacted with others.  We have all experienced joy.  We have all experienced sorrow.  We have all experienced pain.  We have all experienced fear.

When you understand that, in essence, we are all the same, there is no need for forgiveness, because you realize that you are never the victim nor the culprit, and neither is anyone else.  We are all in this together and we all have our ups and downs, ins and outs, high tides and low tides.

As we discussed earlier, people act based upon their beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  Where do these beliefs, thoughts and emotions that create action come from?  Our past experiences.  Everything anyone does is based upon all they know.  There are no wrong thoughts, words, or actions based on the person’s model of the world.  This is a very important concept to understand.  Why did our parents act the way they did?  Because their parents and other people in their environment had thoughts and feelings that caused them to act in certain ways.  These actions so influenced the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of our parents, as children and young adults, creating beliefs and paradigms in their minds and hearts causing them to act towards us in whatever way that they did.  Why does the criminal steal, the rapist rape, and the killer kill?  Beliefs, Thoughts and Feelings created by some past experience.  Maybe they were unloved by their parents.  Maybe they were abused as children, physically or emotionally. Whatever it may be, something that they experienced created beliefs, feelings and thoughts that allowed them to act in such a manner.  There are no victims.  There are no culprits.  There are only lost, hurt children crying for attention and asking for the love that they feel they never received.

When you begin to experience the world through the clear eyes of awareness, have acknowledged the inner hero within all of us, including yourself, have accepted the good and the bad, have begun to appreciate all that exists and live in constant affirmation of love, light, and healing, you at that time realize that we are all the same and live in a perpetual state of one-ness that we all are.  It is at this time that you have entered the sixth “Healing Process of the Heart”, Atonement or At-One-Ment.  As you live in atonement, forgiveness is no longer necessary for there is nothing to forgive…only love to give.

Living in atonement, as with the other “Healing Processes of the Heart”, can be automatic and instantaneous, or deliberate.  It is not something you do.  It is something you are.  As you move down your own path of healing, atonement is the natural consequence of becoming complete and whole within yourself.  Your life is as your vision.  Your heart is constantly filled with joy.  Your mind is clear and true, and all you see as you look at the world and the people around you is gratitude, wonder, and a deep sense of awe.

In the next entry, we will explore the seventh “Healing Process of the Heart” – Awe

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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Healing Process of the Heart #5: Affirmation

At this point, the healing experience has become a very real and integral part of your life.  It is no longer something that you desperately seek nor is it a new idea in your consciousness.  Through all that you have experienced, you have come to realize that healing is not something that someone must do to you or the consequence of any specific action, therapy, or diet program, but is instead an aspect of life that never stops, never leaves, and is your constant companion.  You no longer need affirmations to remind you of its presence, and you no longer must visualize your healing vision.  These affirmations become your constant inner dialogue and your visualizations never leave your mind’s eye.

You have read the books, you have studied the words, you have followed the instructions, and now it has become as familiar to you as breathing, eating, and sleeping.  Healing is not something that somebody does to you, or even something that you do to yourself.  It is merely something that you do, just as your heart beats and your lungs breath.  You now understand, through your own experience and your daily increase of awareness, perception, and consciousness, that healing is not simply the relief of symptoms and remission of disease, but the constant process of growth, evolution, and learning.  As your perception continues to become more refined, and your ability to respond more appropriately to changes in your outer and inner environment becomes more effective and efficient, learning and growing become more of your regular daily experience.  You begin to more effectively manifest physically your intentions, more harmoniously interact with others, and experience greater levels of contentment, joy, and peace.  Your disease, condition, or other expression of disharmony that once caused you so much distress, no longer holds a place in your consciousness and is seen as a consequence or effect of past causes (thoughts, words, and actions.)  Instead, your consciousness is filled with your vision and you begin to witness the universal principles, which were once fantastic, and perhaps fictitious, concepts in your daily life.

You have emerged into the Process of the Heart called Affirmation.  In this stage of healing, your encounter with every moment of every day reminds you of and affirms the truths, principles, and laws that govern the universe. You no longer need to remind yourself of these things, for the universe begins to speak to you through life.

As such, your language begins to change.  You find that you no longer speak of lack or detriment, but instead spread only words of wisdom, healing, and truth.  Your affirmations flow from you as natural as your regional dialect and cultural slang.  You have freed yourself from the prison of false beliefs, denial, and doubt, and have become one of the few who sees through rose-colored glasses and always has a cup that is half-full, rather than half-empty.

As you observe yourself in this constant state of affirmation and allow yourself to receive the voice of the universe through everything you see, everything you hear, and everyone you meet, you greet all experience with open arms and realize that we are all one.

In the next entry, we will explore the sixth “Healing Process of the Heart” – Atonement

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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The Healing Process of the Heart #2: Acknowledgment

Once you have become aware of an aspect of yourself that needs healing, as well as what may have caused its separation or movement towards dis-ease, you can begin to acknowledge both that it is in a state of dis-ease, as well as your potential to heal it.  The process of acknowledgment can be both a conscious decision, as well as an automatic response.  However it may arise, acknowledgment is the next step in healing and is necessary in order for you to move on.

Although you may be aware of something does not necessarily mean you have acknowledged it.  Very often, an individual may experience a healing process in the form of a chronic illness such as cancer, AIDS, or heart disease.  They know that they are having this experience.  They are aware. Yet, they may deny their experience in an effort to alleviate the pain and protect themselves emotionally.  When we are told by our doctor that we “have” a disease or condition, especially those as socially cursed as cancer, it can be very painful to our psyche.  We may think thoughts, as well as hear them from our loved ones, such as, “Oh my God.  How can this be happening?  What have I done to deserve this?  This can’t be happening!”  By asking such questions, we deny that we are having the experience, and parts of our self become separated from the whole.  These parts of our self that are suffering need our attention and acknowledgment, so that we may remember them and unite, or re-member,  them once again with the whole.

There is a joke that denial is not a river in Egypt.   Actually denial may be a river in Egypt.  Let’s look at the story of Moses and the Hebrew slaves from the ancient scriptures.   This story from the Book of Exodus holds a profound truth about denial and the power of acknowledgment. You may have seen the movie Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston or the cartoon The Prince of Egypt.   They tell the story of Moses and the Hebrew people being held as slaves in Egypt.  This story is a wonderful metaphor for the healing process.  The word Egypt in Hebrew is “Mitzraim,” which translates to from distresses or troubles.

For four hundred years, the Hebrew people were slaves to the Egyptians and their Pharaoh, being forced to work under horrendous conditions.  They were fed barely just enough to keep them alive.  It was only when the Pharaoh’s stepson, Moses, a Hebrew orphan, became aware of his Hebrew heritage that things began to change.  Seeing the suffering amongst his people, he left Egypt, and wandered through the desert for forty years.  During this time he became more and more aware of the importance of his people and his responsibility to free them.  The name Moses actually means “to draw out.”

After the forty years had passed, he returned to Egypt to demand the Pharaoh free his people with the famous line, “Let my people go!”  He expressed to the Pharaoh, as well as to his people, that the Hebrew slaves were the chosen people of the one and only God that created all things, and that he demanded that they be freed. Upon hearing Moses’ demands, the Pharaoh increased the work of the slaves and decreased their food. The Pharaoh was made aware, yet this awareness actually caused the people to suffer even more.

Often when you become aware of something, the discomfort may increase.  Have you ever had your arm fall asleep?  You may have woken up in the middle of the night to feel a strange arm next to you.  You throw on the light and realize that it is your arm!  You rub it, squeeze it, and pinch it to get some feeling back into it.  How does it feel when sensation begins to return to the arm?  First it tingles, then it stings, then it burns, then it throbs, then it just outright hurts!  After the pain subsides, your arm comes back to life.

When I started Chiropractic school, I was invited to a house-warming party of a fellow student named Helene.  At this party, I met a woman named Cathy who was in a wheel chair.  We began talking and she told me that she had been paralyzed from the waist down since the age of six after what seemed to be a minor fall.  After the fall, the feeling in her legs began to disappear and after a few weeks she could no longer move them.  It was now over 50 years later and she had never regained her ability to feel or move her legs.  The party ended, I said my good-byes, after which I would sometimes think of her, but never thought I’d ever see her again.

Four years later, it was time for graduation.  My friend, Helene, who had the original house-warming party, invited me to a graduation party.  We were having a great time, when suddenly a woman walked into the room who looked so familiar.  I asked Helene who that was?  She said it was Cathy!  I couldn’t believe it.  Here was a woman who four years ago had been confined to a wheelchair for over 50 years, and now she was walking into the room!

I stared at her like a little child who was seeing an angel.  She saw my stare, recognized me, and came over with a smile and said, “Nice legs, huh.”  I laughed and tears came to my eyes.  I asked her, “What happened?”  She explained to me that she had been under Chiropractic care, specifically Network Spinal Analysis for the last four years, getting her spine adjusted every day, sometimes three or four times per day.  The process was slow, but the feeling and mobility had returned to her legs.  I asked her what it was like, and do you know what she said?   “It was the most painful experience of my life.”

This wonderful true story demonstrates that healing can often be a very painful experience.  Even though pain, discomfort, or other symptoms are increasing, it does not mean the problem is getting worse, it just means you are beginning to feel more.  Healing is not about feeling better, it is about being able to better feel.

Let’s get back to Moses.  He made the Pharaoh and the slaves aware of their importance and the need for them to be free, yet the pain and suffering increased.  The healing had begun.  Ten plagues came down upon the Egyptians (symptoms?).  Each plague came down with every denial of the Pharaoh, becoming worse and worse each time.  After the last plague killed his son, he finally acknowledged who the slaves were and let Moses’ people go.  The people were free and they experienced well-being for the first time in four hundred years.  It is only when we acknowledge, or accept as true, that which we have become aware, that we can begin to heal.

The story does not end there however.  Realizing what he had done, the Pharaoh once again denied the Hebrew people and chased after them to destroy them.  Unfortunately, Moses had a wonderful ability to split large bodies of water and eventually the Hebrews escaped and the Pharaoh and his Egyptian troops drowned beneath the waters (an ancient symbol for emotion).  The moral of this story is to acknowledge who you are and don’t let doubt bring you down. When you acknowledge the innate intelligence within you and the powerful healer you are, you release the chains and shackles that once held you captive and free yourself from the slavery of apathy.  When you become aware of your awesome power and acknowledge every aspect of yourself, healing will occur.  You can then begin to accept who you are, what you are going through, and who you can become.

In the next entry, we will explore the third “Healing Process of the Heart” – Acceptance.

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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The Healing Processes of the Heart cont. – Awareness Exercise

Let’s take a walk… That’s right, print this out,  go outside and let’s take a walk.  As you walk, pay attention to how the clothes feels on your body.  Actually feel the presence of your clothing against your skin.  Feel the pressure of the ground against your feet with each step.  Feel the temperature of the air.  Is it warm or cool?   If there is a wind, feel its gentle caress on your face.  Become aware of everything you feel with your sense of touch.

Pick up a stone.  Close your eyes and run your fingers over the surface.  Squeeze it.  Feel its hardness and texture.  Rub it first gently and then firmly.  Become one with the stone. (Smile!)   Do the same with a leaf…some soil…and the grass.   Rub your hands over the trunk of a tree and if you feel so inclined, hug it.  Is there a neighborhood cat nearby?  If so, go over and pet him.  Feel the softness of its fur.  If he rubs against you, feel his caress.  Touch and feel as much as you can.  Become aware of all the things available for you to touch.

When you are finished touching things, continue your walk.  How does your body feel?  Are there any areas of tension or discomfort?  What areas feel good?  What areas do you not feel at all?  Scan your entire your body from the top of head, down across your face…past your neck to your chest and back…your arms…hands…abdomen and low back…legs and feet.  How do all these parts of you feel?  Become aware of every part of your body.

What are your thinking?  What thoughts are passing through that mind of yours?  Are they happy thoughts or sad thoughts?  Are they pictures, sounds, or just words?  Are you thinking of something you wish to achieve in the future or are worrying about something that happened in the past?  Pay attention to your mind for a few moments and observe the thoughts as they enter and exit your mind.   Do not try to change, correct, or fix anything…this exercise is merely to observe and become aware, not to change.

How are you feeling emotionally?  Do you feel happy or sad?  Calm or anxious?  Angry or serene?  Pay attention to how you feel emotionally.  Are these new feelings or do you have these feelings often?  As you walk, think about some habitual emotions and thoughts you might have on a regular basis.

Once you are aware of everything that you are feeling (physically, emotionally, and mentally), take a deep breath through your nose.  What do you smell?   Notice all the different fragrances which are in the air.  The grass.  The flowers.  Perhaps it recently rained.  I love that smell.

Listen to the sounds around you.  The wind blowing through the trees.  The birds singing.  A dog barking.   Cars or bicycles going by.  Take in all the sounds around you.

Finally, look around.  Rather than looking at the familiar shapes that you are accustomed to seeing (the trees, houses, etc.), look at the space between.  For example, instead of looking at the leaves of the trees, look at the empty spaces between them.  Look at the colors.  Look at the shapes that all things are made of.  Search for new ways to look at familiar things.

Take it all in.  The sights…sounds…smells…sensations…feelings…and thoughts.  These things make up the foundation of your awareness.  By being present in the moment, and observing everything around you and within you on a daily basis, your perception will begin to become more sensitive and you will begin to become more aware.

In our next entry, we will explore the 2nd “Process of the Heart” – Acknowledgement

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




The Healing Processes of the Heart Part I – Awareness

“There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

– Albert Einstein


During the healing process, there are seven stages we all experience which I have called the “Processes of the Heart.”  In the coming entry’s we will explore each of the steps in this process.

Process of the Heart #1:  Awareness

Why are you reading this?  Probably because you believe there is information herein that will aid you in your quest for healing and health.  By acquiring knowledge it increases your awareness.  When you are more aware of the nature of your surroundings, you are better prepared to make more effective decisions.  By making these decisions, you experience a more successful and healthier life.  By living a healthier life, you fulfill your greatest potential of who you are.

Awareness is the first “Process of the Heart” you will experience in healing or growth experience.  The awareness may come to you as a feeling of pain or discomfort.  It may come as a sensation of “something seems different.”  Sometimes it comes as a spark of insight or creativity.  And it may arise as a sudden “A-Ha,” in which you abruptly see the world in a new way.  Awareness may come slowly over time, or it may come in a flash.  However it appears before you, it will appear.  By becoming more aware of the subtle changes in your inner and outer environment, and how your world functions, your ability to perceive change becomes more keen and efficient, allowing you to have a grander experience of the world around you .

This process of awareness is necessary for you to heal.  This brings to mind the axiom, “You’ve got feel it to heal it.” The more aware you are, and the more keen your awareness, the more adaptable you will become and those things that once caused you grief, are now merely an itch.  The strong winds that once knocked you down, become subtle breezes that cool your cheek.  You will begin to hear the lions miles away, rather than waiting to feel its hot breath on the back of your neck.  It is common in our society to wait till a problem becomes a crisis before taking action.  When you become more aware of the subtle signals of your innate intelligence, you can begin to take action at the first sign of change and transform the possibility of disease and suffering into a certainty of vibrant health and learning.

With this newfound awareness, many of your doubts about yourself, the world, and the healing process begin to transform into certainty and knowing.  That which was once held as disbelief, mistrust or skepticism rapidly changes form in your mind to a notion of understanding, knowing and common sense.

When you experience anything unpleasant such as pain, fear, anger, or sadness, the greatest thing you can become aware of is that these experiences are an aspect of healing and are necessary for your growth and evolution.  Through these feelings you can connect with parts of yourself that may have become separate, alienated, shamed, or injured, regardless if they are of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature.  You learned earlier that healing is the process of becoming whole.  By becoming aware of these separated parts of yourself, you can begin to acknowledge them once again and invite them in to be a reunited part of the family.

We will explore an Awareness exercise in the next entry.

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry



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The Cause of All Disease Part VII – The “Mama Bear Incident” Concluded – Harmonious Interaction and Contentment

This process of growth and evolution I am describing occurs in every cell and coordinates all biochemical and physiological changes in our body. If I eat a cherry, my digestive system perceives the change in its environment.  It notices sugars, proteins, and other nutrients and minerals, and begins to adapt by secreting enzymes to digest the cherry.  Once the cherry is digested, all the enzyme levels return to normal – it recovers.  As you can see, this process occurs every moment of every day we are alive and it is this that sustains us and maintains our health.

As we learn, grow, and evolve, we can begin to make more conscious choices and decisions.  The whole perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution process can come under our conscious control.  Rather than being a burst of unconscious organic, automatic, crisis-oriented, survival mechanisms, it becomes a conscious choice.  We can begin perceiving change in our external environment before they occur, and consciously adapt to the situation in a healthy, less traumatic way.  By noticing the subtle signs of the bear, I was able to make more conscious decisions and pass Step Five!  I was able to express physically a mental or emotional intention.

In our scenario, I saw the signs of which I had learned through experience (claw marks, bear smell, fecal material, hairs, etc.), and mentally created an intention to prevent a similar trauma to that which I had experienced during the “mama bear incident.”  I perceived the change on a more subtle level, consciously adapted by deciding what I needed to do, intending my body to do it, and my body physically expressed the intention.  What begins to happen once we utilize this fifth attribute of health, to express physically a mental or emotional intention, is we begin to orchestrate our own internal changes, participating in our own healing process. Rather than allowing random, external changes in our environment to create these internal changes as crises, we take responsibility and take conscious action, growing and learning in the process.

As I began to learn more and more about the ecology and environment of the bear, I began to approach the bear with the intention of further observation and perhaps future harmonious interaction.  Remember, the ”mama bear incident” is merely an analogy or parable so that you may begin to understand the seven attributes of health and the process of healing.  This process occurs throughout our lives, every moment, in our cells, in our families, and in our world.  As we continue to explore healing and all the many dimensions of health and dis-ease, you will see how these seven attributes interpenetrate all aspects of everything,including, not only health, but relationships, family, career, finance, politics, government, and world affairs.

As I observe the bears, at first from a distance, possibly following the same family of bears for many days over many miles, I travel with them, staying out of the line of sight, and smell, of the bear. I do not want this mother bear to perceive a change in her external environment that she must adapt to…namely me, a possible danger to her cubs.  As I continue to travel at a distance for a number of days, she begins to detect my scent.  Since I am at a safe distance away, she smells me, but does not see me.  Slowly, I move a little closer each day until one day she can see me, yet, I am still far enough away that she does not see me as a threat.

I move closer and closer, building rapport with the creature, until one day we are standing in the same vale as twenty years ago, together, and she continues to frolic with her cubs.  She watches me comfortably and does not attack.  I am no longer a threat. She knows this because I took the time to build trust and familiarity. I am no longer a sudden change in the external environment that she must adapt to in an unconscious way in the manner of fight or flight.  Earlier, when she attacked and chased me up the tree, she experienced the same internal changes as I had, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, adrenaline rush, etc. She chose to fight…I chose flight.  Since that experience, she too has undergone a process of learning and evolution so that she may now, as I, adapt in a conscious manner, making a choice to continue playing. What have we created here together over time?  We have created a harmonious interaction, the sixth attribute of health, and indirectly, the seventh attribute of health… contentmentI passed Steps Six and Seven.

If this had been another human being, we could communicate through words or writing, as I am doing here with you, and share each other’s experience.  By doing this you can learn and evolve without the need to experience the terror of being chased up the tree by a bear.  You can simply learn through my experience, bypassing the unconscious experience of the first three steps.  You can now notice the scratch marks and smell, without ever experiencing it yourself.  If you are ever in the same situation, you can now create the necessary intention and tiptoe out of there just as I did, never having to experience such a traumatic adaptation from which to recover.  This is what differs us from other animals.  We have the ability to take conscious control over the first four Response Abilities – perception, adaptation, recovery and evolution.

This is the secret to maintaining health, inspiring healing, and achieving greater levels of evolution, growth, and life fulfillment, and this can be summed up in one word:



Responsibility is the key to all health, healing, evolution, growth, and fulfillment.  It is the ability to perceive an external change in the environment before it happens, and then make a conscious choice to how your body and mind will respond.  This is the meaning of A Clear Path to Healing.  Health need not be an effort.  Healing need not be the result of disease and trauma.  Health can be easy and effortless.  Healing can be an everyday process of discovery, learning, and evolution.  By taking conscious control of our lives, and accepting responsibility, we can begin developing our seven Response Abilities and begin to achieve what we all really want: A more joyful, peaceful, love-filled and freer experience of life; and a fuller expression of who we are and the unique gifts and talents we each have to offer the world.


Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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Children – Our Future’s Leaders

Recently, I saw a concert on cable tv honoring the Dalai Lama.   During his talk to the audience, he said something very profound.

He asked the audience, “How many of you are 15 years old and younger?  Please raise your hands.”   He then said, “50 years ago,  today’s leaders of our world  were your age, so too will you be the leaders of the world 50 years from now.   So decide NOW the world you want to live in and create it.”

I got to see this in action a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to volunteer at Junior Achievement (JA), a non-for-profit organization that teaches children about business leadership and entrepreneurship.   On the day I volunteered, the 5th graders from Wilton Manors Elementary came to participate in JA World – a mini city that includes a city hall,police department, bank, retails stores, a restaurant, tv and radio station and many more.   Each business was run by five 5th graders – each of which had a specific role to play.

I had the opportunity to work in the police department where I mentored a police chief, financial director, community service officer, patrolman and public relations.   What amazed me was how these kids took on their roles with such passion and enthusiasm and not only ran an effective and smooth-running police station, but ran a industrious, thriving little town.

Tomorrow, I have another great opportunity to work with these future leaders.   Wilton Manors Elementary is hosting their 10th Annual Walk For Peace – a 3k walk designed to encourage kids, families and community members to promote self-confidence, fitness and tolerance.   I will have a table there educating parents and kids about the health, wellness and the value of chiropractic care.   Please visit the Walk for Peace facebook page and participate if you can.

Let’s continue to support, mentor and encourage these leaders of the future.

With Love,

Dr Barry