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Self Discovery Life Mastery Coaching

An Evolutionary Strategy To…

Rapidly Accelerate Your Life Mastery!

Are you looking to create More Effectiveness and Well-Being in your life? Then you will love our new One-on-One Strategic Coaching Program that will support and empower you to achieve Your own Self-Mastery and Ongoing Success!

You will quickly Learn and Develop Highly Effective Skills to:

• Live a more Fulfilled Life with greater Clarity and Peace of Mind!

• Be more Focused and Deliberate in your life, so you can gain Momentum and be more  Productive in everything you do!

• Consistently take Effective, Efficient Action to create Real Results in ALL areas of your  Life… and Excellence in everything you do!

This 8-Week Personalized, One-on-One Coaching
Program includes:

• Revolutionary, highly effective and proven strategies for success that can have you seeing  extraordinary results immediately… not in months or years

• Weekly 1 Hour Coaching and Accountability Calls with Me, your personal coach who
has used these exact same skills to gain success in my own life.

• Admission to the One Day Great People Skills Workshop

• A wealth of Articles and Resources to support your ongoing Success 24/7/365

• And it doesn’t end here! You will also have ongoing access to workshops and advanced training so you can continue to develop, build and expand your own Self-Mastery.


A Message from Dr Barry

What is it we all want out of life? I believe it’s to feel fulfilled & appreciated, have peace of mind and experience thriving well-being… 

To be productive and create excellent results… To leave our mark and make a positive impact in the world.

I practice as a chiropractor at our wellness center, A Place for Healing, for over 25 years, serving you to gain greater overall health, well-being and self-empowerment, when I’m not in the office, I’m expressing my passion for music and writing having authored 2 books and produced 2 music albums. And I still have time to create a great family life!!!

We can all live our dreams and pursue our passions – with the right strategy and tools! 17 years ago, I was introduced to the Self Discovery Techniques. Through the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process, I gained highly effective strategies to find passion and purpose in my life and tap into inner resources to achieve my goals and realize my dreams with effective actions to create my ideal life.

After working closely with the Self Discovery Group and the founder Rob James, we are now launching a life-changing, revolutionary program to you and the world:

Self-Discovery Life Mastery Coaching

Through this program, you will learn highly effective strategies to be more fulfilled in your life and have peace of mind; to be more focused and deliberate in order to gain momentum and be more productive taking effective, efficient action to create excellent results in all areas of your life.

We look forward to continuing to serve you as your Chiropractic and Wellness Resource, as we now provide this new life-changing coaching program to you!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr Barry

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to schedule your Free Introductory Session with Dr Barry!

In this Introductory call, you’ll learn about our coaching program and we’ll explore what you want more of in your life… whether it’s greater health, love, success, peace of mind, focus… and you’ll come away with a plan to make it happen!