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Chiropractic Supports Children’s Immune System

Yesterday, our son woke up with 103.7 fever. I immediately gave him a Network Adjustment followed by a gentle Toggle to his atlas. In less than an hour, his fever broke and today he has a little cough but no fever. No antibiotics. What medicine? Chiropractic, rest, positive intentions, nutritional immune boosters, lots of love and attention and the innate healing intelligence of the body. (Watch how his neck responds to the gentle Network contacts on his sacrum.)

Watch Here!

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Children – Our Future’s Leaders

Recently, I saw a concert on cable tv honoring the Dalai Lama.   During his talk to the audience, he said something very profound.

He asked the audience, “How many of you are 15 years old and younger?  Please raise your hands.”   He then said, “50 years ago,  today’s leaders of our world  were your age, so too will you be the leaders of the world 50 years from now.   So decide NOW the world you want to live in and create it.”

I got to see this in action a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to volunteer at Junior Achievement (JA), a non-for-profit organization that teaches children about business leadership and entrepreneurship.   On the day I volunteered, the 5th graders from Wilton Manors Elementary came to participate in JA World – a mini city that includes a city hall,police department, bank, retails stores, a restaurant, tv and radio station and many more.   Each business was run by five 5th graders – each of which had a specific role to play.

I had the opportunity to work in the police department where I mentored a police chief, financial director, community service officer, patrolman and public relations.   What amazed me was how these kids took on their roles with such passion and enthusiasm and not only ran an effective and smooth-running police station, but ran a industrious, thriving little town.

Tomorrow, I have another great opportunity to work with these future leaders.   Wilton Manors Elementary is hosting their 10th Annual Walk For Peace – a 3k walk designed to encourage kids, families and community members to promote self-confidence, fitness and tolerance.   I will have a table there educating parents and kids about the health, wellness and the value of chiropractic care.   Please visit the Walk for Peace facebook page and participate if you can.

Let’s continue to support, mentor and encourage these leaders of the future.

With Love,

Dr Barry