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The Parable of the Fortress: A Tale of Disease and Healing


“How does Network Spinal Analysis work?   How does such a gentle contact make such a difference?”

This is by far the most common question I am asked by my patients. When looked at scientifically, the answer to this question is quite complex, yet there is I story I tell that answers it quite clearly. What’s profound about this story is that not only does it describe how network works, but it also describes the process of how we get sick and how we heal.

Here is “The Parable of the Fortress.” Enjoy!


Imagine a small, peaceful village.   Farmers, merchants, women, children….all going about their daily routine.   There is no danger.   There are no threats.

Part I: Defense / Dis-Ease

Suddenly, a group of bandits arrive on horseback.   They burn the houses. They steal their treasures. A few of the villagers are injured….a few are killed and the bandits leave. The villagers realize that there is now a danger.   There is a threat.   The villagers realize that they are no longer safe and need to defend themselves.   They build a wall around their village with a gateway to enter and exit.

The bandits return. They climb over the wall. They dig under the wall. They smash the wall.   They ride through the gateway. They burn the houses. They steal their treasures. A few of the villagers are injured….a few are killed and the bandits leave. The villagers realize that they are still in danger.   There is a greater threat. They build a taller, deeper, thicker, stronger wall around the first wall with a smaller gateway to enter and exit.

And so it goes….on and on…building wall after wall.


The first half of the parable demonstrates the process of disease. As we go through life, we experience stress. These stresses may be of a physical, emotional/mental, or chemical nature.

Whenever we perceive any change in our external environment, a part of our brain asks one question: “Am I in danger?   Is there a threat?”   If the answer is “YES,” the brain initiates a response called “The Fight-or-Flight or Stress Response” and the body begins a series of reactions called “Defense Physiology.”

Just as the villagers put up walls around their village to protect them from the bandits, so does the body put up a defense to protect us.

This quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” describes the process well:

“My mind sent a message to my hypothalamus, told it to release the hormone CRF into the short vessels connecting my hypothalamus and my pituitary gland. The CRF inspired my pituitary gland to dump the hormone ACTH into my bloodstream. My pituitary had been making and storing ACTH for just such an occasion. And nearer and nearer the zeppelin came.

And some of the ACTH in my bloodstream reached the outer shell of my adrenal gland, which had been making and storing glucocorticoids for emergencies. My adrenal gland added the glucocorticoids to my bloodstream. They went all over my body changing glycogen into glucose. Glucose was muscle food. It would help me fight like a wild cat or run like a deer. And nearer and nearer the zeppelin came.

My adrenal gland gave me a shot of adrenaline, too. I turned purple as my blood pressure skyrocketed. The adrenaline made my heart go like a burglar alarm. It also stood my hair on end. It also caused coagulants to pour into my bloodstream, so, in case I was wounded, my vital juices wouldn’t drain away. Everything my body had done so far fell within normal operating procedures for a human machine. “


Research now shows that 95% of all disease is a result of this stress response and defense physiology.   In fact, the top 10 most diagnosed ailments are the body remaining in the stress response even after the threat is gone.   Look at this table of the stress response in relation to the top 10 most diagnosed ailments.

Stress Response

  • Adrenalin Pumped into Blood
  •  Blood Pressure Increases
  •  Heart Rate Increases
  •  Shallow, Rapid Breathing
  •  Blood Sugar Increases
  •  Muscle Tension Increases
  •  Pupils of Eyes Dilate
  •  Immunity is Turned Off
  •  Digestion is Turned Off
  •  Sexual Function is Turned Off

Top 10 Most Diagnosed Ailments

  • 6    Depression and Anxiety
  • 1   High Blood Pressure
  • 10 Heart Palpitations
  • 3   Respiratory Disease
  • 4   Diabetes
  • 5   Back/Neck Pain and Headaches
  • 9   Vision Problems
  • 2   Allergies and Frequent Colds
  • 7   Digestive Disorders
  • 8   Impotency


As you can see, when compared, there is a direct correlation between these two lists.  In fact, the top 10 most diagnosed ailments are the long term effects of the body being stuck in the Fight-or-Flight Stress Response and Defense Physiology.


It is important to understand that in the dis-ease process, the brain and body believe that it is in danger.   On some unconscious level, we made a decision, due to our experiences, that the world and our lives are not safe. Therefore, the body is continuing the stress response so that we SURVIVE the threat.   It is the wall around the village.

This “wall around the village” is most obvious in our spine as muscle tension, altered posture, and reduced range of motion.   In Network Spinal Analysis, we refer to this as Defense Posture, often seen as a roundedness in the back, the pelvis tucked under and the head forward. It can also be seen in the posture as a high shoulder or hip.

Traditionally in the healing arts, whether it be medicine, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and so on, the strategy has been twofold. The first strategy is to attack and kill off the threat. Medical doctors may prescribe antibiotics to fight off a germ and natural practitioners may prescribe herbs, nutrients or stress management techniques to reduce the stress-load on the body.

The second strategy is to attack “the wall” itself – “the wall” representing the components of the stress response as listed above.  The medical doctor may prescribe blood pressure medication, while the chiropractor will restore the vertebra to its proper position and the massage therapist will massage the muscle until relaxed. And so on. In other words, to “climb over, dig under or smash the walls.”

Unfortunately, because the body is intelligent and it creates the stress response in order to protect itself from a perceived threat (whether real or imagined), just as in the parable of the Fortress, unless the brain, nervous system and body begin to “believe” it is safe once again, it will continue to initiate the stress response and put back its defense, usually with a “higher, deeper, thicker, stronger wall.”

That is why the symptoms, tensions, ailments keep coming back, never fully heal and become a chronic condition.


If you examine the Fight or Flight Stress response, you will begin to realize that when the body goes into defense, all of the mechanisms of healing and growth are diminished or stopped completely.

Ergo, when the body begins to let go of the stress response and the resultant defense physiology, then and only then can the body begin to heal.

Part II: Letting Go / Healing /Ease

Now, imagine years and years have passed. The bandits continued to attack the village year after year. The villagers continued to build thicker and thicker, deeper and deeper, higher and higher walls around the village with one tiny gateway to enter and exit.   There is a vast fortress now around the village with many walls, with a gateway in each wall. The fortress is now impenetrable and the bandits have left never to be seen again. The villagers live in their fortress still believing they are in danger.   There is a threat.

The truth:   There is no longer a danger.   There is no longer a threat.

One day, a wise sage arrives at the fortress. He knocks on the gateway. The soldiers guarding the gate demand, “Who goes there?” The sage answers, “I come with a message and a gift.” The guards frisk him, check his credentials, interview him and determine that it is safe to let him through the first wall….the first gateway. The villagers inside the first wall greet him and ask him for his message.

He tells them… “You are safe.”   The villagers invite him to stay and after a few days they decide to tear down the outer wall.

The wise sage approaches the gateway in the next wall. He knocks on the gateway. The soldiers guarding the gate demand, “Who goes there?” The sage answers, “I come with a message and a gift.” The guards frisk him, check his credentials, interview him and determine that it is safe to let him through the next wall….the next gateway. The villagers inside the second wall greet him and ask him for his message.

He tells them…“You are safe.” The villagers invite him to stay and after a few days they decide to tear down the second wall.

And so it goes….on and on….until all the walls are down.


The second half of the parable demonstrates the healing process available through Network Spinal Analysis.   Rather than trying to fix anything, correct anything, treat anything, we take the approach of the wise sage.   We bring a message to the brain, nervous system and body.

“You are safe.”

How do we do this?   Through Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), we first determine where the body is in defense.

These areas are in a state of tension.   These may be areas of pain or discomfort, but more often they are areas that you are totally unaware of.   They are areas “disconnected.”   They are unresponsive to stimuli, but instead react with greater defense when touched or “treated.”   In NSA, we tend to avoid these areas, where in other health-care practices, they are the area of treatment.

Next, we analyze the spine to find what we call “Spinal Gateways.”

Spinal gateways are often found right above, below or on the opposite side of the area of defense. They are areas of calm and ease, free of tension.   They are very responsive to light touch.   By making a gentle contact on the spinal gateway, at just the right time, with just the right amount of force, the attention of the brain is brought to this center of peace and for a moment, it decides, “I am safe.” Suddenly, you may feel yourself take a sigh-like deep breath….you may feel like you want to move or stretch and you begin to become aware of the area of defense as it starts to relax.   You begin to feel the first “wall” come down.

Through a series of levels of care, we continue to develop these gateways, as the body “decides” to let go of all the dominant patterns of defense it has accumulated over a lifetime.

We do not force, coerce or direct the body to do anything through any medication or therapy.   We simply bring it the message of safety and invite the body to let go of defense.

Through this process, the body heals.

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A Facebook Debate… Do Germs Cause Disease?

I recently had a discussion with another Facebook user about the true cause of disease and role germs do or do not play in this process.    Read this discussion below:
Barry Weinberg   If you saw flies swarming around some garbage in a field, would you think the flies caused the garbage? How would you get rid of the flies…with bug spray? I think you know the answers. Then why do we think germs cause disease and treat it with medicine? Maybe its time to clean the garbage from the field.


Facebook User Reply en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germ_theory_of_disease

Pretty sure this is the answer to your question.

Barry Weinberg Oh, my friend, it was not a question. It was a point. I know you choose to believe that germs cause illness, but the truth is a depressed immune system causes disease. It has been proven that there are more germs in our body than human cells. It is when our immune system gets depressed due to the inadequate adaptation to stress that germs take the opportunity to feed….like the flies on the garbage in the field. When things are in right order in the body, germs are actually beneficial and assist our body. Even Pasteur, the creator of the Germ Theory recanted his germ theory on his deathbed, saying, “Bernard is right. The pathogen is nothing…the terrain is everything.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Bernard

Claude Bernard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Claude Bernard (12 July 1813 – 10 February 1878) was a French physiologist. Hist…See More

Facebook User Reply I agree that when we are weak and run down, we are considerably more likely to get sick. However, take a well rested, healthy person, introduce disease into their body and you will very likely also end up with a sick person. We’re not that far apart on this one…I think.

Barry Weinberg I think where we differ is in our beliefs. Your belief is that disease can come from without. I believe (and have seen 20 years of evidence for) that disease comes from within. Just as darkness can not be introduced to a room. So can disease not be introduced to the body. Just Darkness is caused by removing the light, disease is caused by a lose of health. Just as darkness can be eliminated by reintroducing light, disease is eliminated by restoring health. To fight disease is as futile as fighting darkness. (PS. Thank you for your comments. This is an important discussion. I believe our current health care crisis is not caused by lack of insurance but by this very issue.)

Facebook User Reply I respect your experience. The only experience I have is reading, but a lot can be gleaned from reading.

Using your model of “disease cannot come from outside the body”, are you suggesting that if we inject a perfectly healthy, well rested person with hiv, flu, a common cold, that they will not become infected?

This is essentially what I’m hearing, and the crux of my disagreement.

Barry Weinberg If their immune system is strong, yes! We are exposed to an uncountable number of germs every moment and we are not sick. There will be a classroom of children that get sick, yet one child does not. His immune system was strong. Nurses and doctors have worked in hospitals and triage for centuries amongst the most horrendous of disease and do not get sick. Their immune systems are strong. I’ll repeat, just as the flies do not cause the garbage in the field, the germ does not cause the disease. They are opportunists that take advantage of an already dis-eased system. Just because something is in the same the same location of a problem, does not deem them cause. Germs are ALWAYS there. Just because they are found in the location of where there is disease, does not create a cause and effect relationship. In fact, the proper cause and effect relationship would be that the disease is the cause and the germs are the effect.

Facebook User Reply wise

Barry Weinberg PS. I always trust my experience way before I trust what I read. You will never know the taste of an apple by reading about it….only by taking that bite!


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Moving with Awareness – Applying the Triad of Change

Good morning!

This Saturday my family and I are moving to our new home.   Besides getting married and starting a new business, moving residences is probably one of the biggest changes one can have.   Yet, when you have effective strategies for change, this big change can be made smoothly.   One of the greatest strategies for change is applying the Triad of Change from the Reorganizational Healing model as discussed in an earlier blog.

The Triad of Change encapsulates all areas of life and demonstrates what needs to be in congruence for change to happen.

The three components of the Triad of Change are:

Structure – What we have – Home, Body, Business, Finances, Relationships, etc.
Behavior – What we do – Our daily actions and habit
Perception – What we focus on – Our thoughts, feelings and the meaning we give things.

We also discussed previously that when you have a challenge and/or want to create change in one of the aspects of the Triad, rather than trying to change that aspect, focus on the other two.

So I’d like to use our move as an example and demonstrate how we applied the Triad of Change.  You will see how common sense this strategy is.

The change we wanted to make was in Structure – our Home.

So to make this change we focused on Perception and Behavior.

First, we made a list of all the qualities of our ideal home and how it would feel to be there.  Every day, we would look at the list and really feel how it would be to live there….as if we were already there.    That’s Perception.

Then we took the appropriate actions (Behavior) to find the home.  Got a realtor.  Visited homes. Etc.

Before we knew it, we’re packing and moving to our new home – Structure.

That’s how it works and you can apply this to any area of life you want to change.
If you want to change how you feel about something (Perception) – Focus on Structure and Behavior
If you want to change a habit – Focus on Structure and Perception
If you want to change something you have – Focus on Perception and Behavior

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry



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The Cause of All Disease Part VII – The “Mama Bear Incident” Concluded – Harmonious Interaction and Contentment

This process of growth and evolution I am describing occurs in every cell and coordinates all biochemical and physiological changes in our body. If I eat a cherry, my digestive system perceives the change in its environment.  It notices sugars, proteins, and other nutrients and minerals, and begins to adapt by secreting enzymes to digest the cherry.  Once the cherry is digested, all the enzyme levels return to normal – it recovers.  As you can see, this process occurs every moment of every day we are alive and it is this that sustains us and maintains our health.

As we learn, grow, and evolve, we can begin to make more conscious choices and decisions.  The whole perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution process can come under our conscious control.  Rather than being a burst of unconscious organic, automatic, crisis-oriented, survival mechanisms, it becomes a conscious choice.  We can begin perceiving change in our external environment before they occur, and consciously adapt to the situation in a healthy, less traumatic way.  By noticing the subtle signs of the bear, I was able to make more conscious decisions and pass Step Five!  I was able to express physically a mental or emotional intention.

In our scenario, I saw the signs of which I had learned through experience (claw marks, bear smell, fecal material, hairs, etc.), and mentally created an intention to prevent a similar trauma to that which I had experienced during the “mama bear incident.”  I perceived the change on a more subtle level, consciously adapted by deciding what I needed to do, intending my body to do it, and my body physically expressed the intention.  What begins to happen once we utilize this fifth attribute of health, to express physically a mental or emotional intention, is we begin to orchestrate our own internal changes, participating in our own healing process. Rather than allowing random, external changes in our environment to create these internal changes as crises, we take responsibility and take conscious action, growing and learning in the process.

As I began to learn more and more about the ecology and environment of the bear, I began to approach the bear with the intention of further observation and perhaps future harmonious interaction.  Remember, the ”mama bear incident” is merely an analogy or parable so that you may begin to understand the seven attributes of health and the process of healing.  This process occurs throughout our lives, every moment, in our cells, in our families, and in our world.  As we continue to explore healing and all the many dimensions of health and dis-ease, you will see how these seven attributes interpenetrate all aspects of everything,including, not only health, but relationships, family, career, finance, politics, government, and world affairs.

As I observe the bears, at first from a distance, possibly following the same family of bears for many days over many miles, I travel with them, staying out of the line of sight, and smell, of the bear. I do not want this mother bear to perceive a change in her external environment that she must adapt to…namely me, a possible danger to her cubs.  As I continue to travel at a distance for a number of days, she begins to detect my scent.  Since I am at a safe distance away, she smells me, but does not see me.  Slowly, I move a little closer each day until one day she can see me, yet, I am still far enough away that she does not see me as a threat.

I move closer and closer, building rapport with the creature, until one day we are standing in the same vale as twenty years ago, together, and she continues to frolic with her cubs.  She watches me comfortably and does not attack.  I am no longer a threat. She knows this because I took the time to build trust and familiarity. I am no longer a sudden change in the external environment that she must adapt to in an unconscious way in the manner of fight or flight.  Earlier, when she attacked and chased me up the tree, she experienced the same internal changes as I had, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, adrenaline rush, etc. She chose to fight…I chose flight.  Since that experience, she too has undergone a process of learning and evolution so that she may now, as I, adapt in a conscious manner, making a choice to continue playing. What have we created here together over time?  We have created a harmonious interaction, the sixth attribute of health, and indirectly, the seventh attribute of health… contentmentI passed Steps Six and Seven.

If this had been another human being, we could communicate through words or writing, as I am doing here with you, and share each other’s experience.  By doing this you can learn and evolve without the need to experience the terror of being chased up the tree by a bear.  You can simply learn through my experience, bypassing the unconscious experience of the first three steps.  You can now notice the scratch marks and smell, without ever experiencing it yourself.  If you are ever in the same situation, you can now create the necessary intention and tiptoe out of there just as I did, never having to experience such a traumatic adaptation from which to recover.  This is what differs us from other animals.  We have the ability to take conscious control over the first four Response Abilities – perception, adaptation, recovery and evolution.

This is the secret to maintaining health, inspiring healing, and achieving greater levels of evolution, growth, and life fulfillment, and this can be summed up in one word:



Responsibility is the key to all health, healing, evolution, growth, and fulfillment.  It is the ability to perceive an external change in the environment before it happens, and then make a conscious choice to how your body and mind will respond.  This is the meaning of A Clear Path to Healing.  Health need not be an effort.  Healing need not be the result of disease and trauma.  Health can be easy and effortless.  Healing can be an everyday process of discovery, learning, and evolution.  By taking conscious control of our lives, and accepting responsibility, we can begin developing our seven Response Abilities and begin to achieve what we all really want: A more joyful, peaceful, love-filled and freer experience of life; and a fuller expression of who we are and the unique gifts and talents we each have to offer the world.


Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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The Cause of All Disease Part II – The “Mama Bear” Incident

The “Mama Bear” Incident

One day I was in the forest.  I walked along enjoying the beauty of nature around me.  Lost in the serenity of the moment, I haphazardly walked into a small opening in the woods where a mama bear was frolicking with her three cubs.   She saw me.  She was not happy to see me.  She reared up on her hind legs, flashed her sharp fangs and pointy claws in my direction, and roared  She began to run towards me.

This is a wonderful example of STRESS – a sudden change in my outer environment (an angry bear running towards me) that, if I don’t do something, will create a major change in my inner environment  (I would quickly become food for mama bear and her cubs).  In order to ensure my survival, my body and mind must express the seven attributes, or Response Abilities, of health, so that I may respond appropriately to this stress.

Step One: I just perceived a sudden change in my external environment – I see and hear the bear.  I passed the first test.

Step Two: I must adapt to this change.  There are certain conscious and unconscious changes that must occur in order for me to retain my current level of health. On an unconscious level, several things happen:  My adrenal glands start pumping adrenaline into my bloodstream giving me a sudden burst of energy.  My heartbeat begins to race and my blood pressure skyrockets increasing the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to my muscles and vital organs.  My digestive system turns off (possibly emptying in the process), for digestion takes a tremendous amount of energy, and at that moment I require the energy for other needs.  The pupils of my eyes dilate, or get bigger, so I can see more and see farther.  I start sweating and my mind starts to race and that’s where the one conscious decision comes in: Fight or Run Away!?.

I choose to run away.  The bear takes chase.  I climb quickly up a tree.  The bear shakes the tree with her mighty paws, her teeth glaring in the sunlight.  Unable to shake me loose, the mama bear soon loses interest and she and her cubs prance off into the sunset, leaving me trembling in the tree. I passed test two.  My body and mind adapted to the stress I perceived, and I survived, retaining my current state of health.

For the purpose of demonstration, let us pretend that I did not pass the next step – I do not Recover from the adaptation to the stress once the bear goes away.  Let us jump ahead twenty years into the future.  Picture me sitting at home, forty pounds overweight, sitting on the couch eating nachos and drinking a cold beer.  I am channel surfing with my eyes fixed on the television, my feet propped up on a table.  Can you picture it?  Sound familiar?  Sound like someone you know?

My adrenals are still releasing tremendous amounts of adrenaline (anxiety), for which I “treat” with valium at night and a cup of coffee in the morning.  My heart rate tends to be high, and my blood pressure is through the roof (hypertension), for which my doctor prescribed a medication to keep under control.  I wear glasses to correct my vision because since the “mama bear incident,” as it is now called, I still tend to be farsighted (myopic).  I have trouble eating heavy meals, because my digestion system has difficulty producing enough acid and enzymes to break it down (indigestion, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease).  What happened here?  What happened was my body perceived a stress to which it appropriately adapted, but never recovered.

At this point, my body is still responding to a stress that happened twenty years ago!  My body and mind are still being chased by a bear, even though the incident is twenty years in my past. This is the cause of most disease.  (The remainder of which correspond to the loss of one or more of the other six attributes of health.)   My body lost its adequate Response Ability, therefore each stressful experience adds to my dis-ease and reduces my ability to respond appropriately to stress.  Whatever illness, disease, or condition you may “have”, if you look back at your life with honesty and open-mindedness, you will find some past physical, emotional, or chemical stress, or an accumulation of such stresses, that you have experienced, and either didn’t effectively adapt to, or you adapted to and never fully recovered from.
We will continue to explore the Cause of all Disease, the Seven Response Abilities and the “Mama Bear” incident in the next entry.

Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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Response Ability #5: Expression

Often when the wind blows across the land, they carry with them seeds.  What is a seed? A seed is nothing more than an intention.  Look inside an acorn.  Do you find a little oak tree?  No.  What you find within an acorn is dust.  Yet, within that dust is the information and intention that, if in the right conditions, will produce the mighty oak.  In other words, what separates an acorn from a stone, is that the acorn has the ability to express physically a non-physical, or intelligent  intention.

In any body, organization, or situation, the ability to express physically a mental or emotional intention is necessary for it to be considered healthy.

If we look at the previous four Response Abilities, they are, in most cases, unconscious responses.  The processes of perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution are in most cases automatic, subconscious processes of which most people are unaware.  By making a conscious effort to improve our health and increase our awareness through the exercises and tools I will share in the next three chapters, we can become more perceptive to the subtle and sublime, becoming more aware of, and even participatory, in these four Response Abilities.

The fifth Response Ability of expression is a more conscious process by which we express physically a mental intention.  The simplest example of this would be to wiggle your finger.  You create the desire in your mind to move your finger, you transform that desire into an intention, and you physically move your finger.  Other examples would be to run from danger, eat food when hungry, and pursue your inner urge to find a mate.

Once we embark upon this Clear Path to Healing, we may begin to experience the increased awareness of more subtle perceptions, and begin to control and manifest previously, otherwise unconscious activities.  As we learn, grow, and evolve through our life experience, we begin to act with conscious intention, rather than allowing ourselves to work on autopilot and unconscious direction.  For a simple example, we could allow ourselves to reach extreme levels of thirst, ingesting water only once our primal instinct kicks in and, in the behavior of a wild beast, run for the nearest stream or puddle and lap visciously at the succulent liquid.  Or, we may consciously decide to regularly drink 8 glasses of water each day, whether we are thirsty or not.  We could wait till we experience heart disease or diabetes before we give up our hot dogs, French fries and cigarettes, or we can choose to eat more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis now, preventing the crisis from occurring.

On a more subtle level, people have been known to slow their heart rate, control organ function, and adjust their own biochemistry through focused biofeedback and intense periods of meditation.  Whereas this ability has a wide range of possibilities, in order for us to achieve our optimum healing potential, this ability must be working at its optimum.  In order for us to act in such a manner as to maintain our health and achieve higher levels of healing and wellness, we must be capable of acting physically upon a mental intention.  If we do not, we move nowhere in life, existing merely as dreamers.   If we instead take our dreams and act upon them, we can experience Heaven on Earth and begin to create our own Garden of Eden, as we live and breath on this planet…in this lifetime.

We will explore the next Response Ability, Harmonious Interaction, in the next entry.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry



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Response Ability #4: Evolution

Often when the winds of change blow, they can change the landscape of our environment.  Sand and soil may be pushed into hills, and over time, mountains.  Rivers may be redirected, and lakes may, over time, form.  Whereas the wind has stopped blowing, its effects may create a lasting impression.  In these cases, we have two choices: we may grow or we may decay.  Living, healthy things, such as trees, animals, and people, grow and evolve.  Inert, non-living things, such as stones and sticks, decay.  Wash running water over a seed and watch what happens…it grows.  Wash running water over a stone and what happens?  It erodes.

Growth and Evolution is a continual process of change by which a seemingly lower and simpler state or condition is transformed into a higher, more complex state.  A healthy body or any other organization always allows for change to cause growth and evolution.  On the other hand, an unhealthy body decays and eventually ceases to exist.

Evolution and growth is nothing more than a long-term adaptive response.  An example of this would be the experience of muscle building as a result of weight training.  The act of lifting heavy weights over and over is actually perceived by the body as a danger or crisis.  These heavy weights place stress on the muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints.  In order to protect itself, the body builds more muscle tissue in order to prepare itself for future experiences of such stress.  If we continue to work out regularly, frequently increasing the weight as we get stronger, this process will continue indefinitely.

What differs in this situation from the previously mentioned adaptive response, is that now the body is stronger, more effective, and more efficient, even after the stress is gone.  Recognizing this, theoretically, the body says, “I am stronger, more effective, and more efficient as a result of this adaptation…this one’s a keeper.”

Another example of this would be that of sun-tanning.  The darkening of the skin as a result of laying in the sun is a healthy response of the body producing more melanin in the skin.  Melanin is a pigmented protein that protects the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.  The tanning of the skin is caused not by the sun’s rays, but by an adaptation produced by the body in response to the exposure of ultraviolet light.  If the exposure to sunlight is continuous and frequent, like muscle building, this adaptation will become permanent.

Whereas the Response Ability of Adaptation is necessary to protect us from sudden changes that may be damaging or even deadly, the Response Ability of Evolution, whereas not as urgent, is necessary for the long-term survival of our species, and life in general, on our planet.  Through this ability we can learn from our experiences and become stronger, wiser, and more effective as a species.  This process is perpetual and is responsible for our human family moving from the primitive existence as an ape to the spiritual and intellectual wonder we are today.  In this infinite arena we call our universe, we are yet at the beginning of our evolutionary experience.  The sky’s the limit, and what we are capable of becoming is but a tiny glimmer in our imaginations and wonder.

We will explore the next Response Ability, Expression, in the next entry.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry



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Response Ability #2: Adaptation

Ancient Chinese wisdom says that when the wind blows strong, the mighty oak which stands firm, will topple, yet the flowing reeds will live to see another day.  Likewise, when we experience change, we must “go with the flow.” “Ride the tide.”  We must adapt.  For if we stand firm, resisting the change, like the mighty oak, we will fall.  If instead, we bend like the gentle reed, we will live to see another day…and become stronger and wiser in the process.

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to adapt to change, that, is to change itself internally to best survive a change on the outside, receiving the fullest benefit from the experience.  Left on its own, the human body would survive through tremendous trial and tribulation because of its wonderful adaptive mechanism.  Infants who usually would be considered unfit to care for themselves, have been found lost in the woods or trapped in a well, alive and thriving after days, and even weeks, without food and water.  Whereas these conditions may not be optimum for the health and well-being of a child, their resilience and adaptability is demonstrated in such situations.

The most primitive and best known example of our adaptive mechanism is the fight or flight response.  This unconscious animal response occurs when the human animal is placed in danger.  The body automatically prepares itself for one of two adaptive responses: to either confront the danger or run away.  Whereas our civilization has eliminated much of our need for this response, it still stands, and protects us in times of physical challenge or emotional contention.

When such a situation arises, a number of internal adaptations occur.  Our adrenal glands release adrenaline into our blood stream giving us a burst of energy.  Our digestive system slows or stops completely to reserve energy resources.  Our eyes dilate, pupils open wide, so that we can see further, more, and in less light.  Our blood pressure and pulse rate increase sending more blood and oxygen to all the cells of our body, especially the muscles.  All these responses are created in order to prepare us for action and increase our chances of survival in a challenging situation.

Whereas in the past our adaptive mechanism was responsible in determining whether we live or die in a given situation, and may even perform the same function today, due to our development of civilization, society and culture, these important responses to change may hold a more subtle, yet profound, function:  To allow us to get the most out of any given situation, especially in the areas of healing, growth, and further evolution of our species.

If we are able to adapt to a change in the environment in such a way as to become  stronger, smarter, or more sensitive, we can become more advanced as a species and achieve higher levels of awareness, accomplishment, and healing.

In order for us to reach our highest levels of health and healing, we must ensure that our bodies and minds are capable of effective and efficient adaptation to change in the environment.  By becoming more sensitive and more perceptive, we are more prepared and forewarned so that we can make such changes.   If this Response Ability to adapt or change ourselves in relationship to the outside environment is not functioning optimally, the perception is futile.  For if we perceive a possible danger and are unable to respond to it, what use is the perception?  It is like a starving man looking across a great cavern at an apple tree…in eyeshot, but out of reach.  Unless we can adapt effectively to the changes that we have perceived, the perception holds no purpose and serves only to frustrate.

Understanding the important function of perception and adaptation, in the next entry we will look at the next Response Ability…the ability to recover.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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The 1st Response Ability – Perception

Yesterday we discussed that there are seven common attributes which define Health, whether it is the health of the human body, the mind, the emotions, a family, finances, a relationship, a corporation, a nation, or a world.  Each of these seven attributes are different abilities by which we respond to our environment…or Response Abilities.   The first Response Ability is Perception.

The winds of change are ever-blowing. All around us, life and its environment are in constant interaction.  We can define the environment as those factors that influence life.  The air we breathe, the food we eat, the ground upon which we walk, and the people that we meet, are all basic examples of our environment…our external environment.

We also have an internal environment.  Within us is a vast landscape teetering on a tender balance of temperature, pressure, and an infinitely complex system of chemical exchange.  These factors within us maintain life, such as body temperature; blood pressure; salt, sugar, and other chemical levels; as well as our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and intentions.

These environmental factors, internal and external, are not static.  They are in a constant state of change.  Rising and falling.  Ebbing and Flowing.  A never ending tide of change.  In order to survive this eternal cycle of change, we must first be aware that a change has been made.  We must perceive the change, either through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste) or our many other internal senses such as proprioception (the ability to sense our position in space), nociception (the ability to detect pain), baroception (the ability to detect pressure changes), and thermoception (the ability to detect temperature changes).  [3]

Often these environmental changes can be very subtle, and out of the range of our physical senses.  In these cases, more subtle perceptions may be experienced, such as intuition, “gut” feelings, sudden insights, synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, premonition, and prophecy.

We mentioned earlier that the primary principle of healing is that every cause has an effect and every effect has its cause.  In physics, this is described as every action having an equal and opposite reaction.  This has its experience in the world of nature and living things as stimulus and response.

All of life and its functions are based on this principle of stimulus and response.  That is, there is a change in the environment, whether internal or external, of which the organism becomes aware and responds to.  For example, the organism may become aware of or perceive a deficiency of nutrients as an experience of hunger, of which he then responds by looking for and ingesting some form of food.  These changes may be as subtle as a slight change in temperature or pressure or as dramatic as hearing the roar of a lion behind your back, either way it requires a response.

In order for there to be a response, the change must be perceived.  If we are not aware of a change in the environment, there is no way that we can respond to it.  This can be very dangerous.  If we do not feel the heat of the fire, we cannot pull our hand away and protect ourselves from being burned.

Our bodies are equipped with tiny receptors that monitor every change in chemistry, pressure, and temperature.  Like the thermostat in our house that keeps the room temperature at a predetermined level of comfort, so do these receptors maintain the delicate balance of our body’s subtle chemistry and biomechanics. If we do not perceive the slight changes that alter the delicate balance of our biochemistry, we can die instantly.

The more subtle and sensitive we can perceive changes in our inner and outer environment, the more readily and efficiently we can make the necessary response.  Would you rather hear the roar of the lion miles away, or hear its breath upon your neck?  Would you rather feel the subtle signal of the body telling you there needs to be a change in your diet or exercise, or wait until you are in a crisis ten to twenty years later being rushed to the hospital with a coronary arrest.  The more subtle and sensitive our ability to perceive change, the greater our ability to achieve our optimum healing potential.

The ability to perceive changes in our environment is the first quality we must have in order to have this thing called Health.  But once perceived, we must be able to adjust in accordance with that change.  We must be able to adapt.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry