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The 1st Response Ability – Perception

Yesterday we discussed that there are seven common attributes which define Health, whether it is the health of the human body, the mind, the emotions, a family, finances, a relationship, a corporation, a nation, or a world.  Each of these seven attributes are different abilities by which we respond to our environment…or Response Abilities.   The first Response Ability is Perception.

The winds of change are ever-blowing. All around us, life and its environment are in constant interaction.  We can define the environment as those factors that influence life.  The air we breathe, the food we eat, the ground upon which we walk, and the people that we meet, are all basic examples of our environment…our external environment.

We also have an internal environment.  Within us is a vast landscape teetering on a tender balance of temperature, pressure, and an infinitely complex system of chemical exchange.  These factors within us maintain life, such as body temperature; blood pressure; salt, sugar, and other chemical levels; as well as our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and intentions.

These environmental factors, internal and external, are not static.  They are in a constant state of change.  Rising and falling.  Ebbing and Flowing.  A never ending tide of change.  In order to survive this eternal cycle of change, we must first be aware that a change has been made.  We must perceive the change, either through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste) or our many other internal senses such as proprioception (the ability to sense our position in space), nociception (the ability to detect pain), baroception (the ability to detect pressure changes), and thermoception (the ability to detect temperature changes).  [3]

Often these environmental changes can be very subtle, and out of the range of our physical senses.  In these cases, more subtle perceptions may be experienced, such as intuition, “gut” feelings, sudden insights, synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, premonition, and prophecy.

We mentioned earlier that the primary principle of healing is that every cause has an effect and every effect has its cause.  In physics, this is described as every action having an equal and opposite reaction.  This has its experience in the world of nature and living things as stimulus and response.

All of life and its functions are based on this principle of stimulus and response.  That is, there is a change in the environment, whether internal or external, of which the organism becomes aware and responds to.  For example, the organism may become aware of or perceive a deficiency of nutrients as an experience of hunger, of which he then responds by looking for and ingesting some form of food.  These changes may be as subtle as a slight change in temperature or pressure or as dramatic as hearing the roar of a lion behind your back, either way it requires a response.

In order for there to be a response, the change must be perceived.  If we are not aware of a change in the environment, there is no way that we can respond to it.  This can be very dangerous.  If we do not feel the heat of the fire, we cannot pull our hand away and protect ourselves from being burned.

Our bodies are equipped with tiny receptors that monitor every change in chemistry, pressure, and temperature.  Like the thermostat in our house that keeps the room temperature at a predetermined level of comfort, so do these receptors maintain the delicate balance of our body’s subtle chemistry and biomechanics. If we do not perceive the slight changes that alter the delicate balance of our biochemistry, we can die instantly.

The more subtle and sensitive we can perceive changes in our inner and outer environment, the more readily and efficiently we can make the necessary response.  Would you rather hear the roar of the lion miles away, or hear its breath upon your neck?  Would you rather feel the subtle signal of the body telling you there needs to be a change in your diet or exercise, or wait until you are in a crisis ten to twenty years later being rushed to the hospital with a coronary arrest.  The more subtle and sensitive our ability to perceive change, the greater our ability to achieve our optimum healing potential.

The ability to perceive changes in our environment is the first quality we must have in order to have this thing called Health.  But once perceived, we must be able to adjust in accordance with that change.  We must be able to adapt.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry