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What is Health and Healing?

The fundamental root of our health-care crisis is the misunderstanding of health and healing. The prevailing belief in our society is, “If I feel good and I am not sick then I am healthy.” This common conception of health limits people’s ability to reach their optimum potential. It restricts them to a condition in which there is merely a lack of symptoms and it promotes the idea that the body should function “normal,” in other words, average.

 The current determinant of health advocated by the allopathic or medical model is an assortment of lab values and diagnostic criteria that must remain at “normal” levels based upon statistical studies of the average person. Based on the mentality of mediocrity, values such as blood pressure, cholesterol counts, hormonal levels and other data are determined through laboratory and diagnostic procedures and then compared to the levels of the average John or Jane Doe on the street. As long as these values are within a certain “allowable” range variant of these levels, you are considered healthy.  If, however, these values are too high or too low, you are deemed unhealthy  or “sick,” and a variety of procedures can then be employed to bring you  back to normal or average, using potions, lotions, pills or in more severe  cases, radiation and surgery.

 Our entire health-care system is based on the allopathic model of medicine. This system is founded upon a mechanistic world-view developed and promoted by René Descartes and Isaac Newton. This world-view states that the universe works like a mechanical clock. The physical world is made up of parts that work together like the gears in a machine. It is predictable and manageable. If we learn to understand its parts and how they interact, we will be able to control our environment and rule the world. This represents the mentality of medical care. If we understand all the parts in the human body, and how they function together, we can then develop strategies to keep it healthy. This is the “Curing” paradigm. Diagnosis – Treat – Cure. It is the understanding that our bodies can be controlled and brought to a state of “normal” or average. Currently, if something is too high, we lower it; if it is too low, we raise it; if it is too long, we shorten it; if it is too short, we lengthen it. When it becomes painful, we numb it, should it become numb, we stimulate it. If it becomes hard, we soften it. If it becomes too soft, we harden it. If it becomes too full, we empty it. And, if it becomes too empty, we fill it. When all has been tried and our patience (and patients) has been exhausted, we remove it.

What this “Curing” paradigm lacks is the one quality that a living body possesses that the non-living mechanical world does not: Life. There is a vital force that is inherent in all living things. This élan vital gives to our bodies that “special something” that allows us to grow under stress, experience feelings and innately heal. This life energy is unpredictable and unmanageable, yet, it is infinitely intelligent and uniquely efficient. It is an organizing and ever-evolving force, that cannot be controlled and directed through the use of pills, potions and lotions, and it is ever-seeking to be more organized, more efficient and more intelligent. This is the basis of Vitalism – the foundation of the healing model outlined in A Clear Path to Healing.

 The basis of the allopathic or medical model is Mechanism, in which the body is viewed as a machine where parts are parts and if anything is out of the ordinary, these parts may be altered through chemistry or surgery – replaced or removed.

 Whereas this approach is very effective for emergency, life or death situations, it does not promote health. The purpose of medical care is to fight disease once diagnosed, and prevent death at all costs. What lacks in this model is the concept of disease prevention and health promotion. Our current model has created a “don’t fix it till it’s broke” mentality. Just like an ambulance sitting at the bottom of a cliff waiting for people to jump, the medical model fails to provide a healthy quality of life for its recipients, because the person must get sick before the physician can take action.

 The true key to health is prevention and responsibility. According to the World Health Organization, Japan is the healthiest country in the world.  Why? Their entire health-care system is based on prevention. The doctors are paid to keep you healthy through prevention and education, rather than waiting until you get sick to treat the disease.

When we speak of “healing,” we address a process that is much more than the mere removal of symptoms, and when we look for “health,” we seek something much more than average.

According to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, health is “a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Health is the experience of the fullest expression of ourselves and our inner gifts, talents and abilities. Health is when all our individual cells are peacefully and joyously functioning in harmony. When all our organs, tissues, glands and blood vessels are working together as a team, we have complete health.

Healing is when a part of us, that was separated, shamed, or harmed, becomes reconnected and loved. Healing is the process of becoming whole; of becoming better, stronger, and wiser. When we can look at the world with more joy, peace, and love, we have experienced healing.

The fundamental root of our health-care crisis is not escalating costs, poor insurance coverage or even the rising prevalence of disease. It is an over-emphasis on “curing” versus “healing.” Our current health-care model is based on the superficial removal of symptoms bringing individuals to average health, instead of providing an improved quality of life and empowering individuals to be a greater expression of who they are, bringing them increased levels of joy, peace and freedom.

As you journey through this book, you’ll explore many aspects of health and healing. You will discover deep universal truths and practical ways to apply them. I will show you how to use your mind and emotions to enhance your healing experience, as well as how to better nurture and care for your body.   Our bodies have been created in such a fashion, that if cared for properly, they will function and heal easily and effortlessly. We need not struggle to experience perfect health or suffer in reaching our optimum potential. Just as a flower effortlessly releases its scent, and our planet gracefully swims around the sun, so should the expression of who you are, freely and easily radiate from within.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry