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The Cause of All Disease Part VII – The “Mama Bear Incident” Concluded – Harmonious Interaction and Contentment

This process of growth and evolution I am describing occurs in every cell and coordinates all biochemical and physiological changes in our body. If I eat a cherry, my digestive system perceives the change in its environment.  It notices sugars, proteins, and other nutrients and minerals, and begins to adapt by secreting enzymes to digest the cherry.  Once the cherry is digested, all the enzyme levels return to normal – it recovers.  As you can see, this process occurs every moment of every day we are alive and it is this that sustains us and maintains our health.

As we learn, grow, and evolve, we can begin to make more conscious choices and decisions.  The whole perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution process can come under our conscious control.  Rather than being a burst of unconscious organic, automatic, crisis-oriented, survival mechanisms, it becomes a conscious choice.  We can begin perceiving change in our external environment before they occur, and consciously adapt to the situation in a healthy, less traumatic way.  By noticing the subtle signs of the bear, I was able to make more conscious decisions and pass Step Five!  I was able to express physically a mental or emotional intention.

In our scenario, I saw the signs of which I had learned through experience (claw marks, bear smell, fecal material, hairs, etc.), and mentally created an intention to prevent a similar trauma to that which I had experienced during the “mama bear incident.”  I perceived the change on a more subtle level, consciously adapted by deciding what I needed to do, intending my body to do it, and my body physically expressed the intention.  What begins to happen once we utilize this fifth attribute of health, to express physically a mental or emotional intention, is we begin to orchestrate our own internal changes, participating in our own healing process. Rather than allowing random, external changes in our environment to create these internal changes as crises, we take responsibility and take conscious action, growing and learning in the process.

As I began to learn more and more about the ecology and environment of the bear, I began to approach the bear with the intention of further observation and perhaps future harmonious interaction.  Remember, the ”mama bear incident” is merely an analogy or parable so that you may begin to understand the seven attributes of health and the process of healing.  This process occurs throughout our lives, every moment, in our cells, in our families, and in our world.  As we continue to explore healing and all the many dimensions of health and dis-ease, you will see how these seven attributes interpenetrate all aspects of everything,including, not only health, but relationships, family, career, finance, politics, government, and world affairs.

As I observe the bears, at first from a distance, possibly following the same family of bears for many days over many miles, I travel with them, staying out of the line of sight, and smell, of the bear. I do not want this mother bear to perceive a change in her external environment that she must adapt to…namely me, a possible danger to her cubs.  As I continue to travel at a distance for a number of days, she begins to detect my scent.  Since I am at a safe distance away, she smells me, but does not see me.  Slowly, I move a little closer each day until one day she can see me, yet, I am still far enough away that she does not see me as a threat.

I move closer and closer, building rapport with the creature, until one day we are standing in the same vale as twenty years ago, together, and she continues to frolic with her cubs.  She watches me comfortably and does not attack.  I am no longer a threat. She knows this because I took the time to build trust and familiarity. I am no longer a sudden change in the external environment that she must adapt to in an unconscious way in the manner of fight or flight.  Earlier, when she attacked and chased me up the tree, she experienced the same internal changes as I had, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, adrenaline rush, etc. She chose to fight…I chose flight.  Since that experience, she too has undergone a process of learning and evolution so that she may now, as I, adapt in a conscious manner, making a choice to continue playing. What have we created here together over time?  We have created a harmonious interaction, the sixth attribute of health, and indirectly, the seventh attribute of health… contentmentI passed Steps Six and Seven.

If this had been another human being, we could communicate through words or writing, as I am doing here with you, and share each other’s experience.  By doing this you can learn and evolve without the need to experience the terror of being chased up the tree by a bear.  You can simply learn through my experience, bypassing the unconscious experience of the first three steps.  You can now notice the scratch marks and smell, without ever experiencing it yourself.  If you are ever in the same situation, you can now create the necessary intention and tiptoe out of there just as I did, never having to experience such a traumatic adaptation from which to recover.  This is what differs us from other animals.  We have the ability to take conscious control over the first four Response Abilities – perception, adaptation, recovery and evolution.

This is the secret to maintaining health, inspiring healing, and achieving greater levels of evolution, growth, and life fulfillment, and this can be summed up in one word:



Responsibility is the key to all health, healing, evolution, growth, and fulfillment.  It is the ability to perceive an external change in the environment before it happens, and then make a conscious choice to how your body and mind will respond.  This is the meaning of A Clear Path to Healing.  Health need not be an effort.  Healing need not be the result of disease and trauma.  Health can be easy and effortless.  Healing can be an everyday process of discovery, learning, and evolution.  By taking conscious control of our lives, and accepting responsibility, we can begin developing our seven Response Abilities and begin to achieve what we all really want: A more joyful, peaceful, love-filled and freer experience of life; and a fuller expression of who we are and the unique gifts and talents we each have to offer the world.


Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry




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Response Ability #5: Expression

Often when the wind blows across the land, they carry with them seeds.  What is a seed? A seed is nothing more than an intention.  Look inside an acorn.  Do you find a little oak tree?  No.  What you find within an acorn is dust.  Yet, within that dust is the information and intention that, if in the right conditions, will produce the mighty oak.  In other words, what separates an acorn from a stone, is that the acorn has the ability to express physically a non-physical, or intelligent  intention.

In any body, organization, or situation, the ability to express physically a mental or emotional intention is necessary for it to be considered healthy.

If we look at the previous four Response Abilities, they are, in most cases, unconscious responses.  The processes of perception, adaptation, recovery, and evolution are in most cases automatic, subconscious processes of which most people are unaware.  By making a conscious effort to improve our health and increase our awareness through the exercises and tools I will share in the next three chapters, we can become more perceptive to the subtle and sublime, becoming more aware of, and even participatory, in these four Response Abilities.

The fifth Response Ability of expression is a more conscious process by which we express physically a mental intention.  The simplest example of this would be to wiggle your finger.  You create the desire in your mind to move your finger, you transform that desire into an intention, and you physically move your finger.  Other examples would be to run from danger, eat food when hungry, and pursue your inner urge to find a mate.

Once we embark upon this Clear Path to Healing, we may begin to experience the increased awareness of more subtle perceptions, and begin to control and manifest previously, otherwise unconscious activities.  As we learn, grow, and evolve through our life experience, we begin to act with conscious intention, rather than allowing ourselves to work on autopilot and unconscious direction.  For a simple example, we could allow ourselves to reach extreme levels of thirst, ingesting water only once our primal instinct kicks in and, in the behavior of a wild beast, run for the nearest stream or puddle and lap visciously at the succulent liquid.  Or, we may consciously decide to regularly drink 8 glasses of water each day, whether we are thirsty or not.  We could wait till we experience heart disease or diabetes before we give up our hot dogs, French fries and cigarettes, or we can choose to eat more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis now, preventing the crisis from occurring.

On a more subtle level, people have been known to slow their heart rate, control organ function, and adjust their own biochemistry through focused biofeedback and intense periods of meditation.  Whereas this ability has a wide range of possibilities, in order for us to achieve our optimum healing potential, this ability must be working at its optimum.  In order for us to act in such a manner as to maintain our health and achieve higher levels of healing and wellness, we must be capable of acting physically upon a mental intention.  If we do not, we move nowhere in life, existing merely as dreamers.   If we instead take our dreams and act upon them, we can experience Heaven on Earth and begin to create our own Garden of Eden, as we live and breath on this planet…in this lifetime.

We will explore the next Response Ability, Harmonious Interaction, in the next entry.

An excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry