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The Cause of All Disease Part IV: Stress as the Cause of Health

The situation in the last entry demonstrates how stress is not the cause of disease.  In truth, stress is the cause of ALL Health.  It is stress that causes our bones and muscles to grow.  It is stress that causes our minds to expand and reach higher levels of intelligence and knowledge.  It is stress that gives us the wisdom and insight to carry us through life.

If we wish to build our muscles, what do we do?  We exercise.  Exercise places controlled stresses upon our muscles causing them to respond with increased growth and strength.  It is the stress of gravity that causes our bones to become hard and strong.  If we wish to expand our mind, we place it under the stress of study.  Think back to the most challenging time in your life.  The breakup…the illness…that one traumatic event.  Is this not the thing that has given you the inner strength and wisdom to overcome challenge today?  What of the horrible rape that causes the woman to create a support center and help thousands of women to recover from similar situations, or the man who has the heart attack that causes him to make new decisions as to how to live his life – get a less stress-ful job, eat right and exercise.

Like many who find a new inner strength during times of illness and adversity, when singer Olivia Newton-John found out she had cancer, it was a devastating moment in her life.  Yet, as she moved through the process with faith and determination, and healed herself of this condition, she developed an inner power and strength that she never had.  She now speaks before thousands of people, inspiring them with the message that the cancer was a blessing and her greatest gift, for it taught her the value of life and the power of the human spirit.    It is only through such stress and difficulty that we grow, evolve, and reach our optimum healing potential.

We will continue exploring the 7 response abilities with our “Mama Bear Incident” story in the next entry.


Adapted from an excerpt from the book, A Clear Path to Healing, by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry