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The Triad of Change cont.

Yesterday, we discussed the Triad of Change and how all change requires congruence in the 3 areas: Structure, Behavior and Perception.

Today, we explore this further and discuss how to effectively use this model to create long-lasting change.

Although counter-intuitive, the greatest hindrance to making effective change is that we focus on the area that needs to be change.  For example, if we want to change a behavior such as a habit, we tend to focus on the habit and try to change our behavior.   If we want to change how we feel (our perception), we tend to dwell on how we feel.   If we want to change our structure, such as a our finances, we tend to focus on the finances.

This is our greatest source of struggle.  For generally, the side of the triad that we want to change is our weakest link and by trying to make a change utilizing our weakest side is a sure formula for further struggle.

The most effective way to create change in one of the sides of the triad is to focus on and start making change in the other 2 sides of the triad…and the 3rd side you are trying to change will fall into step with them.  This is the magic of this model and the amazing thing is when all three sides are at a new level of congruence you tap into a new and previously untapped source of Energy that supports that “new triad.”

So if you want to change Structure (What you Have) change what you are focusing on and what you are doing congruent with the new structure you want to create

If you want to change Behavior (What you are doing) change what you are focused on and the structure in and around you congruent with the new behavior you want to create.

If you want to change Perception (How you think and feel)  change the structure in and around you and what you are doing congruent with the new perception you want to create.

Let’s look at some real-life examples

Have you every felt down or stressed out (Perception), so you went for a walk (Behavior) in a Park (Structure) and not only did you start to feel better (Perception) but you had a creative idea that would move you forward.  (New source of energy in New triad).   This is the model at work!   By focusing on the other 2 sides of the triad, the other side you wanted to change….changed, and the new congruence of the 3 sides allowed you to tap into creative resources that were unavailable before.

Have you ever need to move a new apartment or house (Structure)?  If you just focused on the new residence you wouldn’t move anywhere.   By shifting your focus to the ideals you would like to experience in the new house and how it would feel (Perception), taking action to look at listings, visit homes and then make a choice and actually move (Behavior)before you know it you are in your new house. (Structure).  You can also apply this example to finding a new job, relationship, etc.

Have you ever wanted to start exercising or go on a diet (Behavior).  Generally, when you failed, you probably were focused on losing weight and attempted it on your own.   But those times you were successful, you focused on how the new you you wanted to feel (Perception) and  joined a gym or exercise class … or followed some diet regime such as Weight Watcher’s or Atkin’s in the case of diet (Structure).

So Let’s put it to work:

  • What is something you want to change?
  • Is it something you have (Structure), something you do (Behavior) or how you feel (Perception)
  • If it is a Structure, what is a compelling reason to make the change (Perception) and what can you do differently (behavior) that would be congruent with that new structure?
  • If it is a Behavior, what  is a compelling reason to make the change (Perception) and what can you change around you (structure) to support that new behavior?
  • If it is a Perception, what can you change around you and do that would be in alignment with that new perception.

In my Network Chiropractic Wellness center, A Place for Healing, we support people in their health and wellness goals by implementing the Triad of Change.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) uses gentle touches on the spine to help develop new internal emerging strategies of breath and movement (behavior) to optimize the posture (structure) of the spine and nervous system and be more effective at adapting to stress (behavior) helping people to feel better and have a more satisfying and fulfilling experience of life (Perception).   By changing structure and behavior, we change perception.

We also utilize a strategy called Somatorespiratory Integration (SRI).  SRI utilizes includes specific exercises which enhance self-awareness with respiration. It promotes the ability to focus attention on gross and subtle body movements and rhythms, self-directed breathing, awareness of one’s tension, and verbal statements reflecting one’s internal state.   These exercise dissipate energy stored as tension, enhance structural flexibility, increase the experience of safety within the body, and demonstrate characteristic shifts in states of consciousness.

So next time you need to make a change, determine which side of the triad that change resides.   LET IT GO and focus on the other 2 sides!

With Love,

Dr Barry



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What is Reorganizational Healing?

What if within every problem was the key to its solution?

What if it was through your illness or pain that you reached not only its cure, but also a new life full of promise, evolution and your full potential?

This is the essence of Reorganizational Healing.

Reorganizational Healing gives people the tools to find the meaning in their disease, illness and pain to help them become stronger, more self-aware and live more fully. Rather than just fixing the problem, which would at best give a person their old life back…

Reorganizational Healing seeks to use the illness as fuel to assist an individual to reorganize the structure of their body and their life, their daily behaviors and their perceptions and view of the world so that they heal, reaching a new, previously unexperienced level of strength, power and awareness where the problem, illness or pain becomes irrelevant.

Have you ever had habits or behaviors that over time began to produce consequences that were detrimental? If you were to treat the symptoms of these habits without changing the habit, what would be the result? Perhaps you might feel better temporarily, but wouldn’t your health and life develop to greater problems and illness?

If, however, you began to draw on hidden strengths to reorganize and modify the structure of your life, perceptions and behaviors, do you think you would get different results?

In this process of reorganization, are you now the same person you were when you began this detrimental habit? Probably not. You had to become someone new who would make these healthier choices…and it was the symptoms or problems caused by your habit that fueled the change!

This is the process of Reorganizational Healing and can be applied to any problem, illness, disease, pain or symptom. Utilizing the tools of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), SomatoRespiratory Integration (SRI) and other self-awareness tools, you learn to reorganize the structure of your spine and life, the behavior of your nervous system and body and your perceptions of yourself and the world around you to heal from within and evolve to a new level of health, well-being and self-mastery.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry


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Why does it hurt?

If you rest your hand on a hot stove, should it burn?


To alert you to quickly move your hand or incur greater injury.

If you touch a hot stove, it’s supposed to burn.

If your immune system is weakened and you are exposed to a deadly virus, should you have fever?


To raise the temperature of your body and create an environment that is not conducive to viral life and eliminate the danger.

If your immune system is weakened and you are exposed to a deadly virus, you are supposed to have a fever.

If you are not living your purpose and living a life based on other people’s opinions, should you feel depressed, anxious and frustrated?


To get you to stop, reevaluate your life and make a change.

If you are not living your purpose and living a life based on other people’s opinions, it is supposed to hurt.

How often do we experience these symptoms,  make the symptom the problem and take restorative measures such as medication or therapy to merely make it go away.


How often do we actually listen to these tell-tale signs and make the change that it is calling for?

In my Network Chiropractic office, it is common for people to come to me with a pain or symptom and seek my assistance to make it go away.   Would it serve them to do so without assisting them in discovering why they are experiencing this signal and develop the necessary strategy to make the change called for?

In my office, I do not treat the symptom.  I serve the person experiencing the symptom.  Together we look at the structure of the body, the behaviors and action they are taking in life, and what they are focused on and the meaning they give their symptom…and explore how we can make the necessary changes in their structure, their behavior and their perception that life’s signals are calling on them to make.

Using such strategies as Network Spinal Analysis, Somatorespiratory Integration and Reorganizational Healing, in my office people are not restored to a state that is almost as good as life used to be, but optimized to a new experience of life and wellness that they have never experienced before….aligned with their body,  aligned with their purpose….aligned with their life.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr Barry