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Top 5 Chiropractic Wellness Studies


Yesterday I came across an article written by another chiropractor that I want to share. It was written by Dr. Brad Dahlager at http://www.noblesvillefamilychiropractic.com and said this:

“Many people think about chiropractic as a great way to naturally treat back pain and symptoms (and it is!), but did you know that chiropractic has many other benefits that have been shown in recent scientific studies?

Here are some of the most important articles that show how chiropractic can help you improve your general health:

1. Chiropractic Can Reduce Blood PressureThis study from 2013 reports what other studies have found: chiropractic adjustments can reduce hypertension in patients, sometimes just as much as common anti-hypertensive drugs.

2. Chiropractic Can Boost Your Immune System – A number of recent studies have found that chiropractic adjustments result in objective signs of positive immune system changes. Your immune system keeps you healthy and fights off illness, and these studies show that chiropractic might be a great way to keep it strong!

3. Chiropractic Reduces StressResearchers from Japan found that patients who received chiropractic had dramatic changes to their nervous system and reductions in stress hormones.

4. Chiropractic Can Help Asthma Patients – Many people (including children) suffer from asthma, and a new body of research shows that chiropractic can reduce asthma symptoms and increase lung function in some patients.

5. Chiropractic Can Save You Money! – Health care costs are spiraling out of control. With modern medical tests and expensive medications, it can be hard for people to afford the care they need. Studies show, however, that seeing a chiropractor is much less expensive than a medical doctor, and with all the benefits of chiropractic, you can have better health without drugs or surgery, too!

Your health is your most important asset, so take care of yourself and your family with chiropractic!

If you would like to see how chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis can help you, give our office a call today!
We’ve been helping patients in South Florida for over 20 years. See how chiropractic and NSA can help you today!”

Author: drbarry920

Dr. Barry S. Weinberg is a chiropractor and author of the best-selling books, A Clear Path to Healing and To Face a Dragon. He is the chief physician and founder of A Place for Healing…a family chiropractic wellness center founded in 1994 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In May of 2009, Dr. Barry partnered with the Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors, FL. Dr. Barry is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. Among his musical accomplishments, he is most noted for composing the score for the documentary film, Florida Crackers. Dr. Barry is committed to bringer greater health, wellness and awareness to the community through education, Network Spinal Analysis and community service.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Chiropractic Wellness Studies

  1. Chiropractic care and holistic healing is like using natural medicines over prescriptions. I agree, chiropractic is really good for our well- being.

    • Hello Evangeline and thank you for your comment. It addresses an issue that actually brings up why I was hesitant to create this post. In creating this post, I was concerned that people would get the idea that Chiropractic is a “treatment” for these conditions…which it is not. Chiropractic, especially the strategy I utilize…Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)…is not a treatment for any condition; however, when the spine and nervous system is free of tension and interference, the body has greater resources to heal itself of any condition and function optimally. Chiropractic and NSA address the body with entirely different healthcare model than Allopathic medicine. As opposed to the “Diagnosis, Treat, Cure” model of Allopathy which believes the body makes mistakes which have to fixed, Chiropractic and NSA function in the Vitalistic, Reorganizational Model (See my post https://placeforhealing.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/what-is-reorganizational-healing/). In this model, the body never makes mistakes and does everything for an intelligent purpose to adapt to the environment and heal. All symptoms and disease are the bodies effort to heal and adapt. Therefore, Chiropractic is utilized to help restore the bodies innate healing potential which allows it to heal any condition from within and function at its optimum. Miraculously, when this is accomplished, things like hypertension, body pain, and asthma are reduced or eliminated as the body naturally heals and begins functioning at its optimum potential.

  2. In addition, to clarify another important point: Chiropractic is NOT an alternative to Allopatic Medicine. That would be like saying a hammer is an alternative to a screwdriver…they each have a different purpose and objective. If you have a severe, acute injury (such as a fracture or laceration) or you are in a life-or-death situation, allopathic medicine is the most effective tool of choice. However, if you have a chronic, long-term condition and/or you would like to restore your bodies innate ability to heal itself, optimize your bodies ability to function at its best, adapt most effectively to stress and change and greatly enhance your bodies overall health and wellness, than the most effective tool is Chiropractic, especially NSA (Network Spinal Analysis.)

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